Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Over Spring Break, we went to Disneyland. The weather was kind of cruddy, but we still had fun. Here we are with Mater and Lightning McQueen. Cars Land is set to open June 15! We absolutely can't WAIT!
 When we arrived in Anaheim, we immediately went into DCA, and then over to the Disneyland Hotel for our dinner reservations at Goofy's Kitchen. Here are the boys and Aladdin.
 Kevin, Riley and Quinn with Minnie Mouse. So cute!
 We always love to take pictures by the Walt and Mickey statue. I like that it looks like there's nobody in the park. Huh. There were though. LOTS.
 The castle from the back side!
 Over at DCA, we had our picture taken with Mickey Mouse! He's so cute.
 Monorail Red, heading into Disneyland.
 The front of the castle. You can just see the top of the Walt Disney statue. I love that pink tree.
 The boys on Main Street. This was BEFORE the crowds arrived.
 Quinn loves to ride Big Thunder. He screams in delight the entire ride.
Riley, riding in the front of the Monorail. We all were there, but Riley was especially happy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is it Summer Yet?

Life just seems like a blur these days. Baseball has started, and with that, a super busy schedule of practices and games, in addition to all of the other things we have going on as well. It's crazy. Oh, and two weeks ago, I missed an entire week of school. I started not to feel well on a Sunday. I had been coughing, a dry cough. I decided to stay home on the following Monday as I had no energy, and didn't have any idea how to operate my students and cough at the same time. I spent the day on the couch, and then Tuesday on the couch as well, same reason, only by then I wasn't sleeping at night. On Wednesday I still had no energy, but I got myself to the doctor. I had a nasty virus which was settling in my chest. I was very wheezy. The doctor prescribed two inhalers, which I got to wait for for 45 minutes at our lovely Walgreens. I coughed all over the place in Walgreens. Pretty sure I had a fever by then too. They told me they would rush it, but if rushing is a 45 minute wait, then I hate to think what the regular wait is like. I hate our Walgreens. Anyway, the doctor told me I could not return to school until the following Monday. I spent a lot of time with my couch, and my new iPad (which I love BTW). The cough still comes and goes, but my energy is back. Kevin had to pretty much do everything that week. I was useless. I hadn't been that sick in a really long time. But before I got sick, my mom and I went to Vegas!!
We stayed at The Cosmopolitan. It's a really nice hotel, I mean REALLY nice. We loved it. This is outside of one of the doors. Pretty cool.
They have this Chandelier Bar. Plastic beads hung all over the place. It's SO pretty and very sparkly. I bet it took forever to hang all of those bead strands.
The Cosmo from across the street. I have pictures of our room, on my phone. If I remember, I'll try and post some tomorrow. The rooms are really nice, and the beds were so comfy.
Paris Casino. I always like the look of this casino.
This is inside the Venetian. Such pretty ceilings.
My mom and I had lunch at Serendipity 3. It's just outside of Caesars. Our lunches were very yummy, and too filling to have the raved about Frozen Hot Chocolate. Maybe next time.
Leaving Las Vegas (LOL LOL). I got to have the window seat on the way home. You can see some casinos on the strip-especially Luxor.
Las Vegas from the air.

Pretty! It was a very fun trip. My mom liked it so much, she and my dad are going back during Spring Break. I bet you can't figure out where WE are going for Spring Break. Hmmm. It's such a mystery.