Friday, December 23, 2011

Global Winter Wonderland

Last night, Kevin and I took the boys to the Global Winter Wonderland. This is apparently its first time in the US. It's in the parking lot of Great America (an amusement park, if you aren't' local). Actually, I believe it's the parking lot that may soon be the new 49er stadium. Anyway, there have been commercials on TV and one day I decided to google it, and it looked very interesting to me. It was interesting, and very colorful too!
These are all giant lanterns which light up. This dragon pagoda is pretty cool.
Quinn, don't ask me what he's doing. He always has a plan.
Cute, colorful snowman!
This is a really big shoe. I guess the old lady who lives in a shoe, celebrates Christmas too. Jeez, I bet Christmas is expensive when you have so many children (that you don't know what to do).
A very Disneyish castle.
I love these trees!
This is made entirely out of dishes: plates, glasses and spoons. Look closely. Very cool.

To see the rest of our Global Winter Wonderland pictures, click HERE.

I Am Still Here

It seems like I have been absent from my blog a lot lately. Work. I am so busy at school, and then shuttling these boys all over to activities and appointments, leaves me exhausted in the evenings. It's been crazy. Anyway, I am here now, on Winter Break, but it doesn't feel like a break getting ready for Christmas and all! Here's a little about what's been going on around here...
My mother in law made me this yo-yo tree. Isn't it cute?
The UPS guy in our neighborhood, delivers on bike! It's so cool!
This is our tree this year. I have a TON of ornaments. I really should streamline them. We do have another little tree, full of nothing but ornaments we got at Disneyland or Disney World. I should take a picture of that. We are Disney geeks.
We have a Christmas yeti. Doesn't everyone?
Riley had his first band performance last week. All of the bands at his school are awesome! His music teacher is amazing. Riley can play that clarinet! It's so cool.
We went to a cookie decorating party last weekend.
We HAD lots of pretty, decorated cookies, but they have somehow disappeared! Imagine that!
Quinn, "testing" a cookie.

He approved! Cookies taste good.

I am going to try my best to be around here more often.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Reminiscing Still

I had four completed puzzles on my island! Last night I cleaned them all up. One of them was kinda fun!
It was very stiff and all the pieces stuck together! I said to Quinn, "Here, hold my puzzle!" I think Maya thinks it's something to eat!

I am still thinking about my Thanksgiving break! Ahhhh, good times.

I got some oven bake clay, and Quinn and I set to work.
Quinn made the Angry Bird, Kirby, a coffee bean, and eyeball, and the gingerbread house with the cherry on top! I made the other gingerbread house.
I put Mr. Obama's ugly Christmas sweater on him. He's ready for the holidays!
I took pictures of the girls, and their cute reindeer friend.
I wore my Hello Kitty slippers!

Kevin and I went to China Chili for dinner one night. He had a very giant beer, and we sat next to a very fancy arrangement. We had food for several days afterward too!!

It was a great break. Two and a half weeks and I get another one!

I updated my classroom blog tonight. Check it out-go see what our elf is up to. The link is on my sidebar. Crossman Crew.