Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crafting on Wednesday

I almost forgot to post tonight! Kevin and I watched Sunshine Cleaning, so I was distracted. It was a very good movie. It was a lot sadder than I thought it would be, but also some pretty funny parts. I would highly recommend it. Anyway, today was better. I got a half smile today, and a mini conversation. Progress. When I got home from work, I decided I felt like making some scrabble tile pendants. Homework was done, kids were fed, so I hit my craft room.
Diamond Glaze is one of my best friends. This stuff is awesome. It makes a great, strong glue, but it also dries clear and shiny. I gave these pendants three coats of it. Oh, and the big one you see is a domino. You can also see my most important tool-a toothpick. Very technical.
Scrabble tiles embellished with scrapbook paper.

I love the domino. I just have to find a long bead to use as the bale. I also made a flower pin, and underneath that is a magnet. It's a cupcake inside, but it's hard to see due to the glare from the flat marble. I have this new cupcake punch (Martha Stewart from Walmart). I was having some fun with that punch tonight too, but I didn't like my end product so much-bad choice in sealer. I need a spray sealer.

Word of the Day: Lockdown. The high school in Newark was locked down today for hours. It seems some teenagers were looking like they were up to no good. Someone called the police. When they showed up, the kids scattered, onto the school grounds. One boy was detained-he didn't go to that school, but he had a gun. Kids and teachers were locked down for hours. I was over that way at almost 4pm and the streets were still closed, and people were still locked down. I wanted to go to Macy's, but that's where the parents of the students were parked. What a mess. I am just happy that nobody was hurt. Boy are these scary times. Crazy huh?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Somebody Has To Wear The Pants

It just gets more exciting around here by the minute. Went to work, was quickly irritated by a parent that I have tried to communicate with three times, all three times ignored. Whatever. Carried on with my day, trying to make said parent's student smile, at least once in 19 days. Unsuccessful (again-and I AM FUNNY!). Dang. Focussed on the smiling faces of the rest of my students, but mad that I can't win this other one over. Finished out my day-helping a barfing "stranger" boy (not one of mine) to the office at recess, all the while hoping I don't get what he has. Successfully completed ALL lesson plans today-yay me!! We are rocking and rolling now! Came home to fetch Riley. It seems he's growing. Right out of his pants. We made a trip to Old Navy for new, bigger, jeans. I can't stand all of the different fits. Drives me nuts: boot cut, classic, loose, painters, husky, slim etc. Just make some jeans for boys ok? We settled on 3 pair of jeans and a pair of camo pants. Are you not floored by the excitement? is the picture of the pants!!
Nice huh? The roadwork Gods are against me though. When we got to Old Navy, I thought I would park between ON and Kohl's, and we could check out their sale. Not in the cards. The entire Kohl's parking area, and part of the ON parking area (near PF Changs) was all closed off for repaving. This is a relatively new shopping complex. Not sure why they needed to repave it so soon. Whatever. There's construction all over Fremont right now. It's making me crazy, or am I already crazy?
Wish I were here.

Or here. I will be here in November. Sad that we can't work out a teeny trip this month for the Halloween decorations.

Word of the Day: Grumpy. Sorry. I am. I'm so tired. Work is very overwhelming these days. Never thought I would miss or need my prep so much, but I do. I really really do. Drowning. Feeling so frustrated that I can't figure out the one student (or his parents for that matter, although they are less important). I want him to be happy at school. I will keep trying. I will make that child smile, and he will speak to me too! I know I can. I know I can. Tomorrow will be better, it's Wednesday!

Good news though! Only 17 more days until THIS.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Scouting Court of Honor

What a pleasant Monday I had. The kids were awesome all day-very few interruptions. We even had an assembly right smack in the middle of our busy Monday Reading morning. We were able to get right back on track, and other than the math, I got through my lesson plan-mostly. I came home from school on the early side. Plenty of time to fight-er, HELP, Quinn with his homework. He would much rather tell me a jillion stories, then get his homework finished. He's quite social. I have absolutely NO CLUE where he picked up that trait. Hmmm. Big mystery on my hands. Anywhoooo, upon completion of the homework, I closed my eyes for a few, on the couch, and soon was fast asleep. Had to get up though, because it was the Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts. Off we went, with our "cultural dish" and finger food. Since we don't identify with one particular culture, as we are a blend of several countries: Germany, England, Ireland, Poland, Italy, we opted to take PB&J sandwiches as our "cultural entree." It was a hit, even with the big boys! We came home with one half of a sandwich which we quickly bagged for Quinn's lunch tomorrow.
Here's Riley and Kevin and some other Boy Scouts, getting some achievement awards.
Riley's scouting loot. He's now the librarian for his patrol. Boy Scouts is cool in that the meetings are all boy run. The boys do everything. It's really building Riley's leadership skills. Tomorrow night is Cub Scout night, for Quinn.

Word of the Day: COLD! OMG, it was COLD today! I got to wear a SWEATSHIRT! Tomorrow promises to be even colder! Yessssssss!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ghost in Us

I did some more shopping today. What I didn't tell you yesterday, is that the whole reason we went out last night, was so that I could go to Victoria Secret for some undies. I hit two of them last night-the lame ass one at my pathetic mall, and another in Milpitas. I could not find the undies I desired. I was pretty miffed about it too. It really should not be so hard to purchase underwear. So today, I set my sights on Valley Fair in Santa Clara. Oh how I love Valley Fair. They always deliver. They had my undies. All is well with the world. While I was out, I went to Beverly's in San Jose. They have material and craft stuff. They were having a sale on fat quarters. I went a little crazy.
Here are the fat quarters I purchased. Oh, and if you were wanting to see my underwear, well you won't. I did not take a picture of those. I know how things go on the internet. Some things are best left un-photographed. I did take a picture of the pantless mannequins in Nordstrom, but as you can see, I didn't even include them.
We went to dinner at Chili's. Right next door is where they are setting up for the ghost house. They use this old house. It's such a cool house. Every year the Candlelighter's come in and turn it into a spooky, scary ghost house.
Quinn the lil' rapper.

Proof that we do have two children. Quinn picked out his own outfit, by the way.

Word of the Day: Sick. I am sick of the heat. I want it to rain. I want cold weather.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Saturday

Another Saturday has come and gone. I was also able to do a little shopping on my own today, and I went to a rubber stamp show-a rather lame rubber stamp show. I did walk away with some cool bird stamps, and some Alice in Wonderland playing cards though. Riley spent the evening at the Scout House, introducing Webelos to Boy Scouts. Quinn hung around the house, missing his brother. The three of us headed to our horrible, sucky mall, in the evening.
We visited the Halloween Super Store-taking up residence in the first dead Mervyn's. Quinn is supposed to look scared here. I think he just looks stoned. And for the record, I have absolutely NO idea about drugs other than I can recognize the smell (who can't?). Everything I learned about drugs, I learned from movies, so as you can tell, I am well-versed.
Quinn really is kind of frightened in this picture. He did not want to stand close to these babies. These babies were creepy. Really creepy. That one behind the fence, with his hands up, is "Jugular Jimmy." I kid you not. Find a Halloween Super Store and check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.
On to less creepy things. I got this bag at Nordstrom Rack today. It's "The Sak." I don't think it was supposed to come with two crocheted flowers, but this was the one I chose, and it had two on it, and the sales lady didn't make me take on off, so I am a winner.

I got new shoes too! Dorothy, don't hate.

Word of the Day: Warmish. It was very warm again today, in the 90's. I am sick of heat. Supposedly it's going to be cold on Tuesday. Bring it on!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween for One

Happy Friday, everyone! I made a Target run today, with Quinn, after school. I was out of Giant Nerds, so I had to go and stock up. After looking at the toys, we cruised through the Halloween stuff. Quinn found his Halloween costume. I got my Nerds. We got Riley the 2nd book to 100 Cupboards, and of course we got a bunch of other stuff.
Here's Quinn as Boba Fett. He wants to play with it. Hoping it lasts until Halloween. He looks cute in it though. Can you see his face inside the helmet? It makes his head look huge, like a bobble head. Funny.

I got some Kisses in addition to my Nerds. The pumpkin spice Kisses are really quite tasty. I would skip the candy corn ones though. Yuck.

Word of the Day: Chinese. We ordered Chinese food tonight. There's a new place by us that delivers. We figure it's time the boys expanded their taste palettes. Riley liked the chicken chow mein and the potstickers. Quinn liked the chicken from the chow mein, but not the noodles, or the potsticker, or the lemon chicken, or the cashew chicken, or the rice. Oh, but he enjoyed one bite of his fortune cookie. Riley had the best fortune of the night: Show an attitude of gratitude.

Oh, and I've been told that the boys' school improved by 39 points, not 31.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Testing, Testing, 1.2.3

We are very proud parents. I have two very wonderful boys, but tonight, was all about Riley. I probably shouldn't even talk about this, but what the hell, it's my blog, and I am very proud. Warning, test scores to be discussed. Turn away if you don't want to know. The boys' school held an awards ceremony tonight, to honor students who improved their proficiency levels, or maintained levels, on the state STAR test. It's controversial, I know. Lots of pressure about these tests. It's only a test, but when your child does well, you feel very proud. Anyway, the boys' school went down 17 points in 2007/2008, and were under significant pressure to raise their scores, or be placed on a school improvement plan. The students were challenged to raise the scores by 25 points. Last school year, 2008/2009, they not only met that goal, but exceeded it, raising their points by 31! As you can imagine, the principal was very thrilled, so they had an awards assembly to honor those that raised their levels, or maintained their levels of proficient or advanced.
Riley, waiting for his name to be called. Does this not remind you of Dirty Dancing? You know, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
Riley receiving his award. That's the principal in the middle.
Riley got an award for maintaining his levels. Warning. Bragging about to begin. He's never scored below advanced, in any category. We are very proud.

Riley, proudly displaying his certificate. He was bummed because he didn't make the "600 Club" this year. 600 is a perfect score. He was miffed that they didn't include his 4th grade year, when he would have made the club, in math. This was the first year they held such a ceremony. Shoot. Oh well, we are so very proud of him. He has set his sights on the 600 Club this school year. Great motivation, if you ask me. Ok, I'm finished bragging. Oh, and by the way, they honored 200 and something students. Everyone did a great job, and lots of kids improved, and that's what is important.

Word of the Day: Growing. Riley is doing more and more with the scouts, which means he's away from home more. It's sort of bittersweet. I'm glad, because he's becoming very independent. It also makes me sad, because he's growing up. It makes his brother sad too. Quinn was practically begging Riley not to go to camp in a couple of weeks. He really misses him when he's gone. So sweet. I just adore these boys, for so many reasons.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charts and Dragonflies

Made it to the middle of the week. Wednesday. Two days closer to Friday. That's all I have to say about that. It's been a hard week.
These are my charts, at school. The blue chart holds our spelling words for the week. The red charts we completed today. We were alphabetizing. The kids alphabetized their names. The white chart is my favorite. We created a chant for nouns. It is full of nouns, chosen by the kids. Oh, and see my lightsaber, on the stool? I am super cool with the boys in my class, cuz I have my own. It's my pointer. I love to make the lightsaber noise when I let it out. Today I made Jedi Knights of my assistants. Hey, a girl has got to have some fun. Oh and my 21st student? She's sweet. No textbooks for her as of yet, but she's sweet.

Kevin found this dragonfly in our front yard. It was dead when he found it. I had him put it in this container, so I could take it to school to show the kids. They loved it, and it's not often that they get a really up-close look at a dragonfly. This guy is big too, and his eyes are real creepy. Not one kid screamed either. Poor guy. When we are finished staring at him, perhaps we will give him a proper burial. Even our custodian was impressed, and you know they have seen EVERYTHING!

Word of the Day: Sad. I went to funeral services this evening for a friend/colleague, who passed away unexpectedly last week. I had held myself together all week, but as soon as I rounded the corner, face to face with the hearse, I lost it. That, and the casket really sunk in, and it occurred to me that I just hadn't had time to process the information. Too wrapped up in the drama of my own life. That is very selfish of me. This was a dear, sweet, woman, who worked really hard, and retired in 2008, at 65 years old. She raised 5 children, on her own, and was a loving grandmother. She only got to enjoy one year of the retirement she worked so hard to save for. She will be greatly missed. It really puts things into perspective. Love the people who surround you, be good to each other, tell people how you feel.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Light's Out, Bee Warned!

It was a very trying day. I have battled to be heard all day long, with this sick (but sexy) voice. My sweet little class was absolutely nuts today-could it be that they were kicking me when I was down? Also found out that I get an extra student tomorrow. Oh and apparently, I am not allowed to complain, because I don't have 30 kids, or 27, or 24. I should be happy. Yeah well, I get it. I get that lots of teachers have it worse than me. I understand, but I should be allowed to complain as well. This is a very challenging, different school year, thanks to our governator, who seems hell bent on destroying CA educational system. What does he care? His kids go to private school. My gripe is not that I will have an extra student. I'm sure she'll be just as sweet as the others, and I will take good care of her. My gripe is the manner in which it all transpires, at the District Office. They just cave, and it's the teachers that deal with the fallout. In this case, supplies. I don't have enough TEXT BOOKS for this child, and do you know how long it will take to get what I need? I need the books tomorrow, when she arrives, but the district doesn't think about that. They just think about getting the angry parent out of their office. I will have to jump through hoops, make lots of phone calls, send emails, and come across as a big bitch, just to get this little thing the books she requires. Oh and when will I do all of this? On my own time as, oh yeah, I don't have any prep time. Big breath. Ok, I feel better now, sort of. Sorry. I am grumpy.
As if the day didn't suck enough, I came home to this. Don't you hate when the bulbs go out? They make a hissing noise first, and you know they are going to go, but you don't know when. I blink and blink and blink, in anticipation of the noise and possible light flash. Or even worse, you turn the switch off, and then when you turn it back on, it pops. Scares the living daylights out of me every time.

On a good note, I finished my bee! She's kinda cute. I don't like how her face puckered, and I drew on her face cuz I was too lazy to embroider it.

Word of the Day: Bitch. See above.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Sick and I'm Boring

I hope I'm not coming down with H1N1! I have a nasty cold-it's going around in my classroom. I guess all of our handwashing didn't do any good. The only plus is that I have a deep, sexy voice, which would be great, if it weren't followed by a gasping, choking for breath, cough. Yuck. It's hard to teach when one is coughing up a lung. Trying to decide if it's worth a sick day, or worth the three plus hours of writing the lesson plans. Nah. I'll tough it out. Anyway, I had hoped to sew today, after school. My machine is having issues right now, so it's slow going. I got the legs, arms and antenna sewn, from my bee. I had topstitched the wings, but had to pull out all of the stitches because the tension is not right with the bobbin thread. I gave up. I'm going to put my grumpy self to bed, and hope that I am magically cured tomorrow. Poof.
Quinn played with his Star Wars guys. The force is strong with this one.
I got this scarf at Kohl's. I like to look at it. I long to wear it. It's been too freakin' hot to consider such a thing. Go away summer.

Here's my mini-me (Julie Albright). She's wearing her other outfit.

Word of the Day: Repeat. Pete and repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete falls off. Who's on the fence? Pete and repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete falls off. Who's on the fence? Pete and...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why is it weekends go by so quickly? I always have these great plans, but then time gets away from me, and I don't get to everything as I had planned. Oh well, at least I had some fun this weekend. I didn't clean anyone else's room, except my own. I reorganized my craft room. I am not all the way finished, as I ran out of steam, but it's much better. I did do some sewing, but not as much as I wanted to-still have strips to sew together. I did put my pumpkins out. Kevin and I had a date (we went to Comedy Sportz, and to dinner at P.F. Chang's), and the boys had fun too-playing with their toys all day yesterday, without interruption, and had a cool babysitter.
This is a really bad picture. It's the only way I could get most of my pumpkins into one shot.
Here are some of my ceramic pumpkins, and you can just see the beginnings of my pumpkin buckets.
That big lantern guy back there is one of my favorites.
I started making a bee. I had a sewing emergency though. I pinned all of my pieces, but then couldn't cut them out because my sewing scissors were MIA. I have no idea where they have disappeared too. People see scissors and assume they can cut anything, so I think somebody has my sewing scissors, and has been using them to cut-gasp-paper! I bought myself some new ones, so now I can cut out my pattern pieces.

We made a trip to Borders tonight, and I got two new craft books! I am addicted to craft books.

Word of the Day: Halloween. People are getting mighty excited for Halloween around here. Quinn is chomping at the bit to get his Halloween costume (either Jango Fett, or Boba Fett), and I am anxious to put out the rest of my Halloween decorations. I only put out pumpkins today.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Almost Pumpkin Time

I had every intention of sewing today, but when I got up-way too early, by the way, I felt like cleaning up/out my craft room. I am mostly done with that. Just some last minute things to find places for. Mostly I felt like all I did all morning was sneeze and wipe my nose. I have a nasty cold, and the dust in my craft room, did nothing for my allergies. Oh well, at least it's Saturday.
I organized my vintage buttons. Now that they are organized, maybe I can get busy and make some more button bracelets for my etsy shop.
These are some of the pumpkins from my collection. The one on the left is new, from Kentucky this summer. I think I will put them out tomorrow, so check back tomorrow night for pictures. I have lots and lots of pumpkins.
I got the Minnie Mouse pumpkin last Christmas, from my inlaws. Isn't she super cute? Don't forget to check out how handsome Mickey is up there too.

Kevin got me this pumpkin light a couple years ago, and I completely forgot to put it out last October.

Word of the Day: Date. Kevin and I are going out on a date tonight. We have a babysitter. We realized if you wait long enough, eventually a kid you knew will be a teenager, and old enough to babysit. Mostly, the sitter is for Quinn. Riley will be here, but Quinn is the one that needs the supervision. We didn't want to leave the boys here on their own, and we also don't want it to be Riley's job to watch his brother, so...a babysitter for Quinn, and someone here for Riley, just in case.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Typical Friday?

Ahhhh, Friday. It's my favorite day of the week! What an exhausting week. First full week of school-no short days, one prep, and something every day after school. I am very tired. Now, you may think a typical night in the Crossman home is just fascinating. I assure you it is not, but tonight was kind of strange.
There was cat playing. Doesn't Owen look thrilled to be "playing" with Quinn? Look how hot Quinn looks. This was this afternoon, when we arrived home (the second time-we forgot Quinn's backpack), after the b-day party. He bounced in the bounce house until sweat came off of him. Ever read any Junie B. Jones books? That's something she would say.
Here's where it gets a bit strange. There's Riley-no, that's not the strange part. Know what he's doing? SCHOOL WORK! On a FRIDAY NIGHT! Annnnnnd, he took a shower-perhaps even on his own??? He's printed out all of these pictures of things from the 1940's up to the 1980's. He's making a collage at school. I guess he is really interested in it.

And me? Well, I put Riley's new bedding on his bed, cuz that's how I roll. Oh and Kevin played some big tennis pro on the Wii-I heard the complaining.

Word of the Day: Fall. I want it to be real Fall weather. I am sick of the heat. It was nearly 100 here today. Too hot to be outside. I took my PE group inside today. We still have the air on! It's supposed to be hot for the next 4 days. UGH.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Hey, Hey Hey, It's Thursday!

Basically I have survived my busy week! There's just a b-day party tomorrow, that Quinn gets to attend-he's psyched too. Today Quinn and I had eye appointments. Usually we are there three plus hours. I get so irritated. They have these signs posted that if you don't call 24 hours ahead to cancel your appointment, you have to pay $25. Yet they don't blink an eye that you sit in their waiting room, or the inner office, for days on end. Today though, we were out in two hours and eight minutes! Of course, I had to leave my frames there, so they can send them out for the new lenses. I'm using my old glasses until they come back. They are ok. Better then nothing I suppose. Two weeks until I get them back. Quinn kept his glasses. I bought new frames for his new lenses. He only gets frames every other year. Does that make any sense to you? He's a growing child! He had outgrown these glasses, and desperately needed new frames. He tried on some glasses with thick black frames-very trendy. I thought they were so cute, but he didn't like them. I let him choose. His new ones are cute too, he made a good choice.
Not sure what kind of face Quinn was going for in this picture. He looks kind of terrified of the eye doctor. He was completely bored, but not scared. We were both happy to be out in two hours. I was just happy that I didn't have to try to track those tiny spots, on that one test. I did have to endure the puff of air. Really obnoxious. Makes my eyes water, and I jump every time.
This is a decoy. I caught Riley finishing MY Giant Nerds yesterday, so I quick whipped out the Halloween M&M's, poured them in the candy dishes, and hid my two bags of Giant Nerds. I don't want to share. They are mine.
So I ordered Riley new bedding from Pottery Barn Teen. This is it. I have a problem with it.

See this picture, from the catalog? What color do you see in that top quilt? Is that ORANGE you see???? That's what I see. That's why I bought orange boxes for Riley's room. Now flip back to the bedding picture...go ahead, I'll wait.....That's RED isn't it??? Grrrrrr. Riley likes the bedding, so we are keeping it, but I am so anal, I have to now get red boxes for his new shelf. The orange will bug me in there. I like them though. I really like orange. Perhaps Quinn could use them in his room? Oh I don't know. I think I am losing my mind. Perhaps I should put it in there and then see how it all looks. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Word of the Day: Survivor. Survivor started tonight. That second Russell is awful! He's just downright mean. He's a bully. You all know how I feel about those.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dentist and Scouts

I am in the middle of my super busy week. Today it was dentist and scouts. Riley had his consult appointment with the oral surgeon. Remember that he has that extra tooth? It's on top, growing above his front two teeth, but it's growing toward his nose. It has to come out, along with the two last baby teeth. Because of the extra tooth, he'll be ASLEEP when they remove it. The dentist will make an incision on the roof of his mouth (yuck), and dig the tooth out. I'm guessing he'll have a few stitches and then he'll have to eat soft foods. We are having the procedure done on October 2. That's a Friday. He'll miss a day of school, but then has the weekend to recover. The dentist was awesome. He walked him through the whole procedure. He was not in favor of giving Riley any valium. Apparently, he couldn't hear him through the wall the last time Riley had regular (non extra) teeth pulled. His office is right next door to our regular dentists' office. Anyway, Riley is nervous, but I think he will be fine. Kevin will go with me this time-it may take two of us to get Riley into the car afterward-he may be woozy from the meds. Plus, if the screaming starts, Kevin can witness the loveliness this time. No, he'll be fine. He's a whole year older. Piece of cake. Riley did ask if he'll be able to eat a cheese burger or a bean burrito when it was over. Um, we'll see.
Riley, looking calm, waiting to see the oral surgeon. Check out what he's reading. It's one of those books that dentists and doctors leave out, but nobody reads the inside of, well, except for Riley. He was engrossed in it.

Quinn had his first den meeting of the scout season tonight. Look at that face! Honestly, there's no such thing as a regular, smiling face from this boy. Always posed and thought out.

Word of the Day: Bono. I am still irritated that U2 seems to be skipping the entire Bay Area on their 360 degree tour. LA is all sold out, as is Las Vegas. I was hoping they would add SF in, but so far, they have not. I am still hoping though. Oh, and Quinn came out tonight and showed me the Bono he made out of Playmobil. I'll try for a picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

I. Can. Finally. Catch. My. Breath. Busy busy day today. Taught all day. Had a SSC (school site council) meeting after school, which went until 5 minutes until 5! Picked up Quinn from after school care. Brought him home. Greeted Riley, who was already home. Changed into my fancy clothes. Tried to farm my farms on Facebook, but it was in some kind of funk (or I was). Went back to school at 6 pm so that I could PARK, for my Back to School Night, which started at 6:30 pm. Kevin went to the boys' school for their Back to School Night. I just got home. I stopped to get myself some dinner, and now I am in my jammies, waiting for Big Brother to come on. Ahhh. Much better.
While I was at my Back to School Night, Quinn made Michael Jackson out of one of his Playmobil guys. Clever. He so loves Michael Jackson. We never let him listen before, but Quinn has jumped on the Michael Jackson band-wagon. He listens to him every night, as he goes to sleep. I think Michael Jackson will live on forever.
My dinner. A #16 and a Diet Pepsi.

Heads will roll! I got these at Target last night. Aren't they fun? For Halloween.

Word of the Day: Wednesday. I am feeling very anxious for tomorrow. We have the consult for Riley's oral surgery. He's anxious too. So far, he has not lost it, but I am definitely going to be asking the dentist for some valium-for him, not me, although, it might be nice.