Sunday, October 21, 2012

Santa Cruz

Riley had a band competition in Santa Cruz yesterday, so we all went. Quinn skipped his baseball game to go, and my mom and dad went as well.
 There's a Monterey Bay visitor's center in Santa Cruz. It's free! They let us use their potty too! This whale tail is just outside.  Fun for kids of all ages!
We walked up to the judging area and waited for American to parade.

 This is the percussion competition, down the street some. To follow the band, you do a LOT of walking.
 There was a raised street, so we took advantage and got some good pictures. This was my favorite.
 The "Free Play Zone" was right along the Boardwalk! Super cool! There were 55 Jr. High and High School bands who participated in yesterday's competition.
 After the competition, the bands and families got to spend time at the Boardwalk. Since Riley was off with friends, we just had Quinn. He did a little fishing.
 Coconut Grove building. Quinn got to play some arcade games in there, and air hockey.
 We walked out to the wharf. The sun had finally come out, and it was beautiful.
Quinn, doing tricks

Isn't this guy cute? There was an area where you could walk down some steps to a dock, and there were tons of sea lions. This guy (and others) were sleeping just below! So cute!

LOOK at the size of this guy!!

The Boardwalk from the wharf.

We were trying to watch a wedding on the beach. We had to leave before the nuptials. Quinn enjoyed climbing on this huge ball though.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Quinn's New Bed

Quinn had been asking for a loft bed for quite awhile. He apparently had an idea of what his room should be like, including a TV, a sofa, and the loft bed.

We decided to get him the bed. We found one at Ashley Furniture. My parents came over and helped to put it together.

It was not an easy task, putting that bed together. Perhaps Ashley Furniture needs lessons from Ikea.

Together!!! Finally!!!

One happy boy!!

Even Maya "helped."

This boy loves his new bed!!

He got new dressers too. Red. We like the red.

Now he has a decent space for homework and playing Minecraft.

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Feste Del Mar Band Review

Saturday the American High School Marching Band participated in the Feste Del Mar Band Review, in San Jose, CA. They had a parade competition and a field show competition.
Getting ready to perform for the judges.

Our drum major is awesome!!!

Their music is from Carmen. It's very peppy.

 American did very well in the parade competition. They won two 1st place finishes, a 2nd place and a  3rd place!! They celebrated with happy cheers, then it was off to get ready for the field performance.
It's amazing to me that so many band members can move around and play their instruments, and they don't collide! 

We have a color guard too!

You can see Riley, row on the right, second from front.

Traveling around, while playing. Can you spot Riley again?

I am pretty pleased with this action shot. Riley, playing the clarinet while moving.

American had a 1st and 2nd place finish in this competition too! Way to go!!!