Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Toys!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. The life is being sucked right out of me at school. I came home and fell asleep on the couch at 7 pm, and didn't wake up until 10:15 pm. I didn't even tell my kids goodnight last night. I feel a little more rested today, but it's a crazy week. Spring Break is just around the bend. Two more days. I can do it.
Quinn and I took Maya to PetSmart today. We got her two new toys. She LOVES these fuzzy dogs. I gave it to her at 4:39 pm.
Look at her go! She was so excited to "kill" this toy. Can you see how her tail and head were in motion? She was crazy for this toy.
Oh, ooops. The dog is dead. See the stuffing? 5:03 pm. I had to pry the squeaker out of her mouth. She killed her other toy too, a rope toy. I really thought it would last. It had a tennis ball at one end, and a star made from a tennis ball. She worked at the points of the star, and got it into pieces. Bye bye new rope toy. Hello boring Nyla Bone.

Quinn and I also went to Target to get my DVD copy of the Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. I was lucky. There were only two left!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Post

We had ourselves a nice little Sunday. I took Quinn to his friend's house this morning so that he could practice with his buds for the talent show. It's going to be really cute! I'm not giving anything away right now. The talent show is April 16. After the practice, Quinn and I went to Target so that I could load up on more allergy meds-I am seriously considering removing my eyes! We came home for awhile then went to my parents' house to make plane reservations. My mom and I are going to Kentucky this summer for my cousin's wedding. When we were finished there, we had dinner at Chevy's for our little league fundraiser night. Pretty exciting.
Riley and his orange, at Chevy's. I tried something new. Some sort of appetizer with shrimp, avocado and their yummy corn stuff! It was pretty tasty, but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to eat it-with chips? With a fork? I mean it was an appetizer, and you share appetizers, so how do you share this mushy dish? Chips didn't work. I used a fork. It was my dinner so I didn't have to share.

Quinn and his chicken, and his vision for our picture.

The dog ate the jet pack from Boba Fett today (Quinn's Galactic Hero), and then threw it all up. Lovely. Oh and the toothfairy completely forgot to visit Riley last night. She must have had a furlough day, so hopefully she will remember him tonight.

Have a great week! It's a short one for me-I have a furlough day on Friday. It's also supposed to rain all week. Bummer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Cleaning

Well it's Saturday, and that means....
Baseball! That's Quinn up to bat. He got to bat 4 times in this game, and he hit, and got on base, all four times!! While playing first base, he made an out as well! He's really doing very well this season. It's so fun to see what he does, and his excitement when he hits or makes an out, or gets on base.
We came home from the game and Kevin and Quinn took Maya for a walk. She really loves to take walks. They were gone for quite awhile, so it must have been a good walk.
While Kevin and Quinn were gone, I got into Quinn's room. Do you see this mess? I'm itching (ha-most days literally) to spring clean, and I really don't want to spend my entire spring break doing that, so I started today. I cleaned things out, and reorganized.
And now it looks like this! Much better, except I am missing a lid to one of his Lego tubs. Perhaps it's behind his bed?

All books put away, and the desk area cleaned.

Riley spent the day working on his two projects. He has to write a 5 paragraph essay about nursing, and a 5 paragraph essay about rabies. He has to include pictures with the rabies one, and we have a picture of Cujo all picked out, among others. He still has to finish the rabies essay, but the nursing one is finished. I am so over projects and homework-here, and at my own school. Tired of giving it, tired of checking it in, tired of getting it. Spring Break is on the horizon!!

Please vote in my Blythe doll poll.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

We had that Friday afternoon feeling today, the boys and I. After picking them up, we went to sign up for swimming, and headed home. Suddenly, a song...and...it's the ICE CREAM man! It's like summer! Quinn was so excited. Both boys grabbed their money, and ran out to flag him down, before he left the court. I of course ran for the camera, because why leave something unphotographed? Why?
Decisions to be made-seems they have a bit of deciding to do as well. I should post a survey to help with my Blythe doll decision.
Score!! Sonic ice cream! Riley got an ice cream sandwich. Oh look, sock feet outside again, and judging by the brilliant white, they are new socks.
Yummy ice cream. Check out Quinn's blue, Sonic ice cream. He ate almost all of it, and his lips are still blue.
And now for the bad news of the evening...

The dog ate my brand new owl. That is what is left of it. It was so freakin' cute. It came in the mail today. A little wooden owl with a sweet, little, painted face. I left the room for a minute, and the owl was on the table, and when I came back...complete obliteration. So annoying. I tell you, I really can't wait for the puppy thing to end.

Oh well, at least it's Friday, and the boys got ice cream, and we have baseball tomorrow, and a free weekend. I'll just have to paint myself a new owl.

I added a poll to the sidebar. Please vote! Pictures of the doll are on the March 25 post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I am a bit obsessed. I've been thinking about a new Blythe. I have my eye on a few, but can't decide which one I want. Well, I think I know, but perhaps you can help. ANNND if you think I'm nuts. Go here and here, or even here, and see that I am not nuts, at least not the only one.
Here's Arden, looking mysterious.
Here's Arden with her new wig. Funky.
Ok, so the next pictures are the dolls I am considering.
Cassiopeia Spice. She's a photography student. Cute.
Punkaholic People. She's like the Joan Jett version of Blythe. Hip.

Or Nostalgic Pop. Look at that jacket!

Well, which one???? Decisions, decisions. This is going to be my Mother's Day present. Just planning ahead. I actually think there are some dolls set to debut next week, so I may have more choices. Ugh!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Do you know what stinks? My classroom! Literally. It smelled like skunk ALL day today. Actually the whole wing did. It was really disgusting. I have no idea why it smelled that way, but I am hoping it's gone tomorrow. Weird.
Know what didn't stink? My trip to Target! I went there this afternoon, and look what I finally found! Giant Nerds!! I've been looking for them since Christmas! Target did not have these last week. When I went today, they had a lot more jelly beans than before. They must have just gotten their jelly bean shipment. I bought 4 bags. I sure do love these things!
Look who else loves Nerds! The President of the United States of America wants you to go to Target and get your Nerds!

We weighed things in class today. We had to find things that weighed about the same. We weighed Tiger Woods, and it took 9 various erasers (white board and those pencil top erasers) to equal him. The kids LOVED this. They picked all of the items to compare. Very engaging.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Baseball

Did you miss me yesterday? Yeah, I had a lousy day. I thought I would spare you my crummy mood, and the details of what transpired. Plus I couldn't blog last night if I had wanted to, because we lost power (yes again) for two hours. Most of the city of Fremont was blacked out last night. It was the last straw in my suck-ass day. I don't know. I've been feeling really used these days. I love my job. I love my students. I work hard to establish a rapport with my students and their parents. I go above and beyond the call of duty for my students. I know who they are as people. I know what makes them tick. I love them. I hate it when I feel like I am being taken for granted. I've felt that way a lot lately, and with all of the changes in CA education soon approaching, I am at my limit. I've had it. I am the teacher of 20 students, not one. They all deserve my time and energy. I have not devoted my time and energy to all of my students. That stopped today. I made some adjustments that will work better for all of my students, and for me. I feel better. I will not be railroaded. I am not an idiot. Enough said.
The weather was beautiful today. It's been beautiful for several days. The boys played outside. I had wanted to get a picture of the boys and the dog, but Quinn had another vision. Weird. Well, nobody can say that he's not his own person. Oh look! I let my kids go outside in their sock feet. Perhaps that's how the holes get there. Perhaps I need to adjust that.
He's so darn cute, this one. That's his Pokeball. I have no idea what it's supposed to do, but it goes outside with Quinn frequently. Can you see his shirt? Looks like he's wearing a tie. I love it.
Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all! How on EARTH do I know that?
Riley got a few achievement awards at Scouts last night. One for fingerprinting and one for CPR. I feel better knowing if I choke, he can save my life, and if I kill someone, he can fingerprint me appropriately. Ha ha. I crack myself up.

LOOK! Arden got new hair! It's a wig. Can you even tell it's pink and white? I love her. She needs a sister. I'm searching ebay for one. I'm thinking it would be a fine Mother's Day present for me. What do you think? Does this doll scare you? Quinn says she creepy. She's not. She's darn hip and cute. I would take her everywhere with me if people wouldn't look at me funny.

Oh, and we did have baseball last night. They played the Lugnuts and tied the game with 11 runs each. Quinn got TWO hits, and he even scored run #8 (when it was 7-7), and he made an awesome throw as pitcher, to first base, and got the runner out. Awesome!! Next game Saturday. I know you can't wait.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

Riley's party was a success! The boys all had fun. We saw a great movie, and had a yummy dinner. Only one boy ended up staying the night, but they had a lot of fun. It was sweet, because Riley and his friend played-no wait, "hung out" with Quinn all night, and they even let him sleep in the living room with them. They watched Space Balls and went to sleep, and it wasn't that late either! Once Riley's guest was picked up this morning, we planned the rest of our day.
There was sleeping done by Maya. Riley and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. Quinn stayed here with Kevin. They took Maya for a walk to our old house. Then Quinn had batting practice, so they took her there as well. That's why she looks so sleepy in the picture. She's had a busy weekend. I'm sure she'll be happy for us all to leave tomorrow, so she can sleep.
After the movie, Riley and I went to Borders and Target, so Riley could spend his birthday money and gift cards. He didn't do too badly huh? We also stopped and got him a haircut. Both boys had haircuts today, and they both look so nice!!

Quinn finished writing his book. It's a step by step book on how to draw a dragon. Dragons are Quinn's drawing choice these days. We are anxiously awaiting the release of How to Train Your Dragon, a new movie from Dreamworks. Quinn will be in dragon heaven.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baseball and Birthdays

Ahhhh, Saturday. We were up early. Quinn had a baseball game at 11:00, but had to be at the field by 10:00. It was another beautiful day. We went from baseball home to prepare for Riley's birthday party.
Beautiful green hills. It really is a pretty backdrop for a baseball game.
Quinn played catcher again. He really loves it. He looks so professional. He got another hit today. He got out at first, but was responsible for an RBI. His team won the game too, 5-4. This team had not been beaten until today. At one point, we were ahead 5-0, and had to change innings because in this division, they have a 5 run rule. Not too shabby. These boys are really playing well. They are hitting off the machine, and fielding well. It's all because the coach is awesome. He's such a nice guy, and so patient with the boys.
Maya came to the game today. She loved smelling everything and everyone. At one point she was whining at this man, because she wanted him to pet her. She's so spoiled.

Riley had a few friends over tonight, for his birthday party. We had IN-N-OUT for dinner, and we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was pretty funny. I enjoyed it, and the boys did too. We came back to the house and had cake, and the boys played Wii. Two of them were picked up, and one is staying the night. It's really funny to watch Quinn try to hang out with the big guys. He loves it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Look What The Cat Brought Home

At school today, Kevin sent me the following picture text...

Our cat, Owen, caught it, and brought it home. Pretty cool huh? He's quite the hunter. Usually it's birds and some sort of mice things. This was a special treat. I didn't even know we had lizards around here.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Thursday

What a great Thursday! My class was super happy to see me today. I guess the first sub was a bit elderly, and kinda afraid of them at first. Apparently she had been in a horrible 2nd grade class the day before. My class is easy. I don't have any behavior problems. They are sweet, sweet, sweet. It didn't take long for her to realize that. Yesterday's sub was perfect-in fact, she was my master teacher, when I went through the credential program. Anyway, it was a really great day, for lots of reasons. Here's a peek at one great thing...
Yay Riley!! He made honor roll, and got perfect attendance. Quinn also got a rockin' good report card. We celebrated those achievements tonight with Chipotle for dinner, and Sweet Orchid frozen yogurt for dessert. Yum.
Riley, and an orchid at Sweet Orchid.
Quinn kept saying he didn't like frozen yogurt. Both of these boys are downright WEIRD when it comes to desserts at restaurants. Neither will eat the free desserts! They are not big fans of ice cream either. That's just wrong. Once we got into the yogurt store, Quinn spied these chocolate bowls, and he was sold.
"See my yummy chocolate bowl, Riley?" It was quite tasty. Quinn shared with all of us.

My friend sent me this today. It was perfect for the last week. Too funny. Poor Sneezy. I know just how he feels.

I've felt great all day. I took my allergy pill this morning, and I've been fine all day. I love whoever it was that invented the allergy pill. If he/she had a fan club on facebook, I would join it. Wait. Perhaps I should form my own fan club!! Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally, Wednesday!

I didn't think I would make it to today. My allergies were kicking my butt. I went in for my skin test this morning, bright and early. It was easy, and it didn't hurt at all. The nurse drew a grid on my back, and poked me 43 times, with a little plastic point with serum on it. She then set a timer for 20 minutes, but most reacted immediately. The worst part was that it itched like hell, and I couldn't scratch. After the 20 minutes, she used a needle and retested me on cats, dogs, and one other dust mite. No allergy to cats and dogs, at all. I took my allergy pill when I was finished, and waited to see the doctor.
Here's my "list." The doctor said 1's and 2's mean no allergy. 3 is positive for an allergy, and 4's are the highest. I had some 4+, and one 4+++(Russian thistle), several 4++. I am allergic to dust mites (both varieties)-hey, does that mean I can get a house cleaner??? I am allergic to many trees, grasses, and almost all of the pollens-that was my biggest problem area. In fact the doctor asked if I was born and raised in CA. My allergies are consistent with allergies that someone would have if they weren't born here. So for now, I continue with my regular meds. He added a nose spray to clear out those pesky pollens. I need to get an air purifier, and sleep with the windows closed. If this doesn't work, then it's allergy shots for me.
I was out the door by 10 am, so I went to Target to get some Easter items for the boys, and some nasal spray, and back up allergy pills. I also went to Borders where I got this book. It's so pretty. Almost as pretty as the movie.

The fat boys. Love them!

I'm feeling much better already. Still a little itchy. I've had two allergy pills today, and I slept from noon until Riley got home at 2:45, and then again until 4:30! I think the Benadryl the nurse put on my back this morning, to relieve the itching, knocked me out. I have to say that I feel rested now. Oh and I got my report cards done. I was pretty productive!

Oh and I did have the nurse take a picture of my back, with the reactions to the serums, but it's pretty gross for the blog or facebook.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess What? More Baseball!

I know, you are probably already sick of the baseball posts. It's our life until June. Don't worry though, it won't always be about baseball. It's just that it's the beginning of the season. Quinn had a game tonight. It was nail biting. The teams were pretty evenly matched. They battled back and forth, and were tied near the end of the last inning. We were home team, so we got our last at bat, and we scored a run, which was enough to win the game. Whew.
Quinn played catcher. He loves to play catcher. I can't imagine why. That gear looks like it weighs more than he does!
Quinn, rockin' the catcher's outfit.
Quinn's first at bat today. First pitch and...

POW! He hit it! He made it to first base and batted a run in!!! Our first of 6 runs for the game. He struck out his second time at bat. He played first base tonight as well, and did a really good job. He seems to LOVE baseball.

Tomorrow's the day! My allergy skin test. I can't wait! I am going armed with my allergy pills, so the minute they are done, I can have one. Today was better. I stayed home. I was still pretty itchy, but my eyes were better. I certainly hope to come away with a list of things I'm allergic to.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Someone Around Here Is 12!

12 years ago today, I went into labor with Riley, and 11 1/2 hours later, he was born. I can remember his birth vividly, right down to the janitors watching from the hallway-I SWEAR the janitors were present, because I was going to complain, but then I thought, "ah hell, who cares, just get this baby out." It was the most incredible moment of my life. He was perfect. They put him in my arms and all I could do was smile and talk to him. It was unbelievable, and about 20 minutes later I stated that I could do that again, but minus the stupid stadol that time. He was a good baby immediately. I had to wake him up to feed him. He slept through the night at 7 weeks old. In fact, he slept so much, I got my whole house painted and stenciled (that was quite fashionable 12 years ago). He's been a joy. He's quiet, kind, sensitive, and caring. He's a rule follower, interested in geography, history and science. He's an excellent student. I love this boy to pieces. Happy birthday, Riley. Next stop...13 (OMG, I can't even THINK about that right now).
Ta DAAAA! The honorary front seat! He was psyched I tell you.
Look at how cute he is. I think the girls will be calling soon. He's just as sweet as he looks too. Not a mean bone (except to his brother) in his body.
We went to BJ's Brewhouse for dinner. He got two Lego sets, a DS game, a Nerf gun and Target, and gift cards. Not too bad.
While they don't sing for birthdays, they did bring Riley a giant cookie with ice cream. I think Quinn actually ate more of it than Riley.

I am loving this new app-WeeMee. I made Riley, on his birthday.
Happy Birthday, Riley! I love you very much!

I have almost made it to Wednesday. I am so looking forward to my skin test. It's got to be an improvement over the hell I've been in since last Wednesday. I am staying home tomorrow. Today, someone was wearing perfume or lotion (neither of which have ever bothered me before), but it set me off this morning. My eyes were itchy and watery, and my nose itched all day. In fact ALL of me itched all day. I still itch. My face is swollen even as I type (yes again), and my left eye is a little swollen. I'm really upset by it all. I better come out of there Wednesday with a mile long list of everything I am allergic to. I NEVER want to be without medication again. Anyway, I figured I was familiar to my home surroundings, so I am staying here. I've got those report card things to do anyway. May as well use the time, and the peace and quiet, to hammer those out.