Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Continued

Today we went to The Mystery Spot, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Kevin's parents came along with us. It's nestled among Redwood Trees and Eucalyptus Trees. I had never been to The Mystery Spot.
Lots of big Redwood Trees.
The official transportation of The Mystery Spot.
Here we go! Science awaits us!

The gift shop sold all kinds of stuff with their logo on it, from Chapstick to T-shirts.
The gift shop also sells these. REAL bugs people! They also had chocolate dipped crickets and sour cream and onion! They also had worms: Larvettes. Really gross. I wonder if they sell any of these treats?
A little history about the Mystery Spot.
There are all kinds of weird angles going on in this crooked house/shack thing. Can you see the girl standing on the table, inside? Creepy.
The boys getting their "lean" on. It's hard to see their lean in this picture.
Here are complete strangers and their leans. It felt really weird to walk through there. It was so steep and crazy. I felt like I was on a cruise ship! Really weird.
That's Quinn, hanging from the outside of the crooked building.
These people were lined up, shortest to tallest.

When they switched places, they all appeared to be the same size. Crazy. Kevin is 5'8 and the girl at the end is 5'2.

It was interesting, for a $6 tour. If you want to see the rest of our pictures, go HERE.

Memorial Day Weekend

My parents took the boys to Great America all day on Saturday. Kevin and I went to see The Hangover 2, and then we had tickets to see the A's play the Baltimore Orioles. I won the tickets at the Grade-in put on by my teachers union. It was raining pretty good when we got to the stadium. We took BART (public transportation), and had to walk through the rain to get to the stadium.
It was really very wet. The game was delayed about 20 minutes because of the rain. Over Memorial Day Weekend. Rain. I am very sick of the rain.
This was very exciting. Watching the tarp being removed from the field. They pulled it all the way back, over itself, dumping the water in left field. Then they pulled it back over the field, then back again, one more time.
The last time, they folded the tarp in half and then rolled it up. It was very wet in left field.
We had awesome seats, practically IN left field, but it started to rain again, so we moved back, under the overhang, and watched the game. We left at the top of the 8th inning. The A's were ahead. We headed back toward BART, but were turned around because the ramp to BART was blocked off because they were having fireworks after the game. We had to take a school bus from the stadium, to BART. It was really annoying. No signs anywhere about this closure, and they made one announcement, as we were leaving, that the ramp would be closed at the top of the 8th inning. We nearly made it, but some belligerent old man made us walk to to the buses.

The energy at the A's stadium is nowhere close to the energy level at AT&T Park, for the Giants. They have their diehard fans, but it's just different. It was fun to go to the game, but I think I will stick to the Giants. We did get to check out our seats for the U2 show in two weeks though! THOSE are going to be AWESOME seats!

Oh yeah, I also made a bunch of jewelry this weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Marshmallow Anyone?

So Quinn and I were at Lucky yesterday, getting some groceries, and something for dinner. They have stuff out in a display for summer. We found these...
Giant marshmallows. For the rest of the night I asked Quinn, "Do you want marshmallow?" You only need one.
See how big they are??? I would not try that marshmallow bunny mouth game with these-what's that game called? The one where you stuff your mouth with marshmallows?
I wore my fancy, ribboned chucks today, to give me a little happy, before we had Riley's big meeting at his school. I already blogged those details on the other blog.
Our meeting was about an hour, so I had the rest of the afternoon to myself! I got a sub today, to attend the meeting. This pile of dirt is going to be a new Target! It's an area that will be called, "The Block," and will house Target, a movie theater and other stores. We are hoping to get an Apple Store there.

I went to Jo-Ann's and got this yummy fabric and some freshwater pearls.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pitching and Pain and Panda

Quinn had a game tonight. It was going along, and going along. He played 2nd base. He struck out. He played right field, THEN, he got called in, mid-inning to PITCH! He never wanted to pitch, so at first I was filled with dread. The coach called him over and asked if he wanted to pitch. Quinn took the ball, and took some practice pitches, which looked pretty darn good! He's never pitched before! I was nervous and anxious. First batter came up...
He struck the first batter out!!!
He walked the next batter, but struck out the third batter!
What form! He walked two batters after that, but the inning was called because the other team had earned 5 runs. (We have a 5 run rule). He did an AWESOME job! We were so impressed, and I think he wants to pitch again!!
I can't say too much for him wanting to bat again though. His second at bat, and he got hit on the back shoulder with a pitch. The good news was that he "took one for the team," and the game was tied because he got to take a base, which walked in a run. The bad news....
A pretty nasty bruise already. Although, I think he is pretty proud to have the battle scar.

Later that night, homework time, in a Panda (Pablo Sandoval) hat.

Three more games, and then the season is over.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giants vs. A's

This has been an awesome weekend! So awesome, I wrote two LONG blog posts!

Today was Little League Day at AT&T Park, Giants vs. A's. The Giants WON!
Outside of the stadium, near where we parked, there are giant baseballs. They are a lot like those big Target balls-the ones outside of their stores-but they are baseballs. Quinn is on top of the baseball!
This is an awesome stadium. I never get tired of looking at it.
The players (and their families) got to walk onto the field, for a banner parade. I went into the stadium so that I could take pictures of the boys on the field.
While Quinn and Kevin went to ride the Coke slide, Riley and I hung around. The nice stadium guy took our picture.
The view from our seats-they were horrible seats. We couldn't see left field at all, and it was hard to watch the big scoreboard. I also didn't care for the yellow foul pole obstructing my view.
Getting ready for game time! We had our rally rags ready!
This picture is super washed out. Quinn is sporting his new Panda hat (for Pablo Sandoval), and you can see Riley's new foam finger. Everyone loves a foam finger.
The pigeons seem to enjoy the yellow foul pole-I guess because it's "fowl?" LMAO! I just crack myself up sometimes.
After the game, kids were allowed to run the bases. So cool.
Rounding second, heading to third!
Going HOME!
Look! I stood on major league dirt!

Aw, that's so sweet! This is on the outside of the stadium, but really we should all thank the Giants. They keep us entertained.

I think this weekend will be hard to top! Next weekend, Kevin and I are going to an A's game. I won tickets through my school union! The kids will stay with my parents again, and we'll get another date night.

Saturday Stuff

Saturday was a busy day! My mom, Riley and I participated in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks, in the morning, then went to Quinn's baseball game, then after Kevin and I dropped the boys off with my parents for the evening, we went out.
A very nice lady offered to take our picture. Like our shirts? All three of us reached our goals, thanks to friends and family who sponsored us!
Darth Vader and a couple of his Storm Troopers cleared their schedules to take a walk on the good side-for once. Super cool!
Quinn, playing 3rd base. Now I don't want to jinx it or anything, but Quinn actually played the ENTIRE game on Saturday! He usually sits (that story later) two innings of EVERY game. I had even left the game early, thinking he was finished for the day, so I missed him playing 3rd base AND catcher! 4 games left, and he finally played more than 2 innings.
This is Grace's Cathedral. After dropping the kids off with my parents, Kevin and I headed to the city. It was Casino Night for our little league, but we opted not to go because things are so horrible between our team and us, so we had the boys stay with my parents anyway, and we headed out for the evening.
We went to the Fairmont Hotel, to eat (and drink) at the Tonga Room. Do you remember the show, "Hotel?" This was the hotel they used for the setting of the show.
The Tonga Room is very dark. This is our first round of drinks. I had a Blue Hawaii, and Kevin had a Mai Tai.
Second round: Bora Bora Horror for me, and a Zombie for Kevin.
There was entertainment on the pool. It rains inside of the Tonga Room, every 15 minutes. The boys would love it. We should take them back some time.
After dinner, we wandered around the Nob Hill area. There sure are some really steep hills. We drove down this one, and then later in the night, after we finally found someplace to have ice cream, we would walk UP this hill. OMG it was STEEP!!
If you look closely, you can see the sign for the Tonga Room, and that's the Trans-America Pyramid in the background.
We went into the Mark Hopkins (The Mark) hotel. They have a teeny tiny museum inside.
Kind of a self-explanatory photo.
This little model of Ghirardelli Square is inside of the Fairmont. I think Kevin is trying to eat it.

There's a cable car that runs right by the hotel. I don't think this picture is too horrible considering that I used my iPhone-actually, ALL of the photos in this post are from my phone.

It was a great Saturday!