Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OK here goes

Well, here it is, my first Real blog-you see the two at the end of this one were practice runs. I suppose I should give a little background info. I am hoping to use this blog to journal my life with 3 guys (husband and 2 small boys-nothing kinky going on here), and to be able to share my craftier side with anyone who cares to read. I sure enjoy reading other people's blogs! With that said, it was an uncrafty day, but a hot chocolate day! I am a California girl, and I am sorry, but I am freezing!! I know cold here is not what cold is in other states-some that actually freeze and see snow and ice, but it's darn cold here!! Go ahead, you can think I'm a wimp. Some freaky winter, even for the San Francisco Bay Area. So to remedy the situation, the littlest boy and I had some hot chocolate today, and it was yummy, oh and warm, and the rain pitter-pattered on the window, and we were warm.


Anonymous said...

That's a "big" cup.

Valerie said...

If you think YOU are cold, you should visit this Ca girl in Il. Looking forward to a high of 4 degrees today! Great job on blogging, and I will be visiting often.