Sunday, May 4, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

I got to show off my baseball skills today. The moms and sons played a game of ball today. It was lots of fun! I was up 3 times, and hit 2 of those times (off the pitching machine, I might add). My second hit was much better, and I was able to score a run for my team, when another mom hit me in. We lost. I think the score was 13 to 6. At least we didn't humiliate ourselves! Oh and we all enjoyed the "gatorade" in the dugout during the game. Yummy. Who knew "gatorade" could be so tasty?

Here's an action shot of me up to bat.

Here I am in the outfield. I also played 3rd base, and pitcher (I didn't pitch, cuz there was a machine. I stood in the area of pitcher).

Here's a cute one of Riley and me. I think he was proud. Did you notice my shirt? All of us moms had them, and tiaras too.

Here's a huggy shot of me and my favorite boys.

Do you like my shoes?

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