Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riley spent two weeks at band camp this summer. He is in the marching band at the high school. YES, I said high school. Riley is in high school. That still sounds so very strange to me! Anyway, the camp was not a sleep away camp, it was just during the day. They put in LONG hours though: MWF 8:30-5:00 and TTH 8:30-8:00. The culmination of the two week band camp was a performance for the families and a BBQ. I was amazed at what they accomplished in just two weeks time!!
The band marched out onto the track. Note all of the geese. Freakin' geese are EVERYWHERE in Fremont. They poop all over. 

Color guard. More geese.

The band as they came around the track. Riley is the second line in, from the back. Left side, second from the end. He's the small one there. 

Assembled for their field show.

That's the drum major there, on the platform thing. 

Riley, playing his clarinet. 

After the performance, the band leaders gave out awards to some members of the band. Riley got an award for his hard work and progress during band camp. We already love the band. Such an accepting group of kids! We look forward to Riley's first season of marching band. We will be very busy, but it's going to be a great fit for him (and for us).

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