Monday, December 3, 2012

Still Around

I am still here. It's just been very busy. Marching Band kept our Saturdays very busy.  It just ended, so now we have free weekends, and if Quinn decides he really doesn't want to play baseball this season, we'll have even more time on our hands. Since my last post, here's some of what's been going on...
 Parade! Since the Giants won the World Series this year (Go GIANTS!!), there was a parade, and since there was a parade, Kevin and I had to go!! I went in 2010 (by myself) and had a lot of fun. Kevin came with me this time. Tons of fun! What a parade! Lots of confetti!
More confetti!
 Hey! That's Hunter Pence!! I got lots of great pictures of players and staff and floats and confetti, but this one's my favorite.
To see the rest of my parade pictures, CLICK HERE

Then there were lots of band competitions...
 Riley, playing clarinet during their field show. 
 Field show in Fairfield, in the rain! 

 We made it to the Disney Family Museum over Thanksgiving break. We really love this place!
 There are great views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the museum. It was a beautiful day too!
 Quinn, being silly.
 Riley was in the Niles Festival of Lights Parade, with the marching band. They all wore lights.
 On our way to the last parade competition last Saturday. Oakland Children's Parade. It will be on TV later this month. We all took BART. I thought this was a great picture of the band going up the escalator, to find our warm up spot for the parade. Love the Santa hats. The one turned around is my friend's son. He was smiling for his dad. I got a pretty good picture of him too!
 Group picture at the end of the parade, right before the rain started!
Quinn, pretending to be upset that Bugs Bunny is deflating, after the parade.

So I believe that catches us up!

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