Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mental Health Day-a bust

Well, I took Friday off as a "mental health day." I had all of these plans to do some shopping free of children (personal or otherwise). It was a big bust. Turns out, I was sick. I went to see the doctor instead. I had been dizzy for about a week, and felt horrible-had a horrible head cold last weekend. Turns out I have Vertigo, caused by an inner ear infection, which is caused by a virus (ah ha!!). Needless to say, I just layed low, took a nap, overdosed on HGTV and TLC. BUT, the good news is I was feeling sort of better on Saturday, so I went to the rubber stamp show, and as luck would have it, there was also the Creative Crafts Fair, so I went there too-picture me jumping and clapping. I bought stamps, material, patterns, etc. AND, on the way home, I stopped at the new Homegoods/TJMaxx store and got those really cute mugs you see in the picture. I guess I made up for my "mental health" day afterall. Today, I feel better. The dizziness is gone, or else the world stopped moving around on me.

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Anonymous said...

Dont you hate when those days happen..but it looks like it all worked out for you!