Friday, February 29, 2008

Star Student

Quinn was so excited when I picked him up from school today. Seems he's the Star Student, and he got to bring Clifford (the not so big red dog) home for the weekend. He chatted ALL the way home about how it was a girl who was the Star last, and so now it's a boys' turn. He had frequently commented that he didn't know when his turn would be and that he thought he would be last. He has kept us informed as to who has already been the Star, who still has to be the Star- important stuff in the life of a kindergartener. Finally... it happened...he's the's his turn, and that boy is happy as a clam! We wrote a "book" about our adventures tonight (and it's only Friday, and boring at that), and I am sure we will continue to document every moment Clifford has in our house. I love his enthusiasm though!

Quinn asked me to make a pillow and blanket to go with Clifford-he doesn't want him to get cold, or have his head be uncomfortable-he's just that way, sweet boy. He chose fuzzy fabric for the back, and fabric with flames on it, for the front.

Ever so carefully, Quinn added the pillow and blanket (folded I'll have you know) to Clifford's crate. He's going to be a great dad someday!

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Lily Pad Mom said...

How sweet, he was the first one who thought about a blanket to make Clifford comfortable?