Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More weekend stuff

Kristi and I went to the Target flagship store in downtown Minneapolis. Target was born in Minnesota, you know. We took the light rail down. It was cold. We did not dress properly, and we didn't find out about the completely covered skyways which go from building to building, until we were good and frozen.

I got to see Mary! There's a statue of Mary Tyler Moore downtown. She's throwing her hat, just like she does on the Mary Tyler Moore Show! The show took place in Minneapolis. I just love that show. Check out amazon, cuz it's out on DVD-at least 3 seasons worth! You're gonna make it after-all...

Here's my mom and me. We are standing on what used to be first base, when the mall was a baseball stadium. There's a little plaque there, on the ground, in the amusement park area.

Here's Kristi and I. We are at the airport waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) to go home. Our plane was over an hour late. They were "looking" for it they told us. Hmmm?

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