Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not crafty at home

I have not been creative at home at all lately. Mostly because baseball is kicking my butt, not to mention my duties at school (Star testing, end of year paperwork, endless correcting, math adoption-or not, oh and of course socializing with my buddies at school). I've also been trying to keep the house clean (or at least picked up-unsuccessfully), oh and my husband and I share the office and I can't "create" when he's talking to himself (podcasting). I HAVE been creative at school though. Here's our latest art project.

I did this art project with my class this week. It was a lesson in pointillism. They used a Q-tip and decorated a quilt block with dots. I then mounted them on colored paper (after trimming 8x8 squares), punched holes in all 4 corners, and tied all of the squares together to make a quilt. It's quite a hit. I was pleased with how they all turned out.

This one was done by one of my students. She did a really good job and she stuck with a pattern, as opposed to just random colored dots.

This is an art project from a couple of weeks ago. We used white crayons to make background designs on white paper, and then watercolored over that, creating the resist. We used a bird pattern, traced it on black paper, and glued it to the watercolor to create an interesting look.

This is a tissue paper butterfly. The kids used small squares of colored tissue paper (no, I didn't have to cut them, I bought them in 2x2 squares) and glued them to their butterfly template. They got to decide on their patterns for the wings and body. I like this one a lot. I think it's the same girl who did the nice quilt block. She gets it.

Can you tell I'm getting ready for Open House in May?

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wowedout said...

i love it when teachers post pics of the kids art projects on their blogs.