Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long Weekend

It's great to have a long weekend! So far, I have slept in, until 10:00 AM both days, and just hung around the house. It's nice. It's just crazy at school. There are just too many students. The change in class size is just ridiculous. I can't teach. I spend my entire day disciplining 3 kids. It's exhausting. I do have sweet kids, I really do, but there are three that absolutely make me nuts. I am trying to focus on the rest. It's quite challenging with the constant interruptions. I wish their parents could control them. Anyway, I am enjoying my weekend...

This is Sharkie, the mascot of the San Jose Sharks. He came to visit my class on Friday. I swear we need Sharkie every day. The kids have never been more at a loss for words!

Even Maya is enjoying the lazy, king weekend!

I got a new puzzle when we were at Disney World, so I got it out and started it.

Kevin and I enjoyed two bottles of this yummy stuff on Saturday night, and again tonight, while we watched the Golden Globes.

Tomorrow we are going to venture out of the house, to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

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