Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Here

Wow, it seems I have had many absences from my blog lately. It's just work/life keeping me busy. Plus, we just got back from Florida. We spent 10 days at Disney World, and a quick trip to Islands of Adventure, to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here are the highlights of our trip. I still have to get them onto Flickr.
Animal Kingdom, on our way to ride Expedition Everest. Quinn is just tall enough this year to ride! He loved it!
We did this Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom, on Dec. 31. It was sooooo cool. We all got to wear those funky vests!
The trek allowed us to get closer to hippos and crocodiles. I was not standing right next to this hippo. I was on a slight overhang, looking over them. I zoomed with my camera.
This is where we stood, harnessed in. If you look to Quinn's right, you can just see the hippos. You can also see the regular safari tour vehicle, to Quinn's left.
We had to cross two rope bridges! One person at a time. It was very cool.
One of the bridges went right over the crocodiles. There's something like 26 of them down there! All boys. Again, we were up above them a little, and harnessed in.
Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's Castle.
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Riley and I have been reading the Harry Potter books-finally. I bought them a long time ago, thinking Riley would like to read them. He never showed any interest, but then I decided that I would read them. My nieces love them, and between them and me reading them, Riley has started reading them! He's reading book 5 and I am reading book 4. Since we were going to be in Florida, we decided to visit the Harry Potter world. It was pretty cool. VERY crowded, but cool. Oh and it was freezing the day we went. I mean really really cold!
You felt like you were in the book or movies, walking through Hogsmeade. Really really cool.
Of course, we had to have Butterbeer. We had both the cold and frozen. Both were very yummy.
Epcot. This park is my favorite. I really love the World Showcase, and we all love Test Track.
Rafiki and the boys! This was taken at Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom.
Quinn on Expedition Everest. He loved the ride. It really is a great ride-easily my favorite Disney ride. It's so good!
A giraffe from the safari vehicle at Animal Kingdom. I just love them. They are so cute.

Kevin, Stitch and the boys at Magic Kingdom.

We had a really great time. We are all still quite exhausted and still trying to get back into our time zone. I am looking forward to the weekend, where I hope to sleep!

I will try to be back tomorrow with other things that have gone on around here.

To check out the pictures from our Wild Africa Trek, click HERE. To see the rest of our pictures from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, click HERE.


noelle said...

YAY love the pics :) I love the last one w/ my boy Stitch :)

Vira's Note said...

great one,:)