Sunday, March 2, 2008

California History 101

We stopped by to see this big guy on Saturday. This guy is Junipero Serra, leader of many of the 21 California missions. Missions were used to house the first non-native people (and along the way, assimilate the Native American Indians, forever changing their lives) along the El Camino Real. All 4th grade students in the state of California learn all about the missions of California. They make missions. I made one in 4th grade, out of clay. There are kits now-Michael's has a ton. If Riley has to do one, we won't use a kit. We are lucky to have a real mission in our own backyard, Mission San Jose. Anyway, Father Serra sits off of the 280 Freeway on the way to San Francisco. When I was going to college, I passed him all the time. I used to think he had a gun. That's just his finger. What's he pointing at you ask? Well, the Pacific Ocean of course! If you want to see all of the pictures, just scroll down this blog, on the right side. See the heading that says "Family Love?" Click on Kevin's Flickr photos and there will be more pictures there. I especially like the picture of Father Serra's piggy toes. Oh yeah, and since we were hosting Clifford this weekend, we took him with us. He had a good time.

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