Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dream Girl

No pictures today, but I just wanted you all to know that I am a dream girl. Want to know how I know? Well, Quinn told me. In the car, on the way to pick Riley up from baseball practice, Quinn tells me he has a dream girl and wants me to guess. Dream girl? Where'd he get that? I guess a few little girls from his class (he likes them to chase him). "No," he says. He gives me clues...green shirt, brown hair. I'm stumped, who could he be talking about and HOW am I going to guess. He gives me another, she's wearing a silver necklace. I figure it out and say, "Me?" Yes, I am his dream girl. Isn't that cute? When I pointed out that I thought I might be Daddy's dream girl, he said, "No, he never says that." (ouch) What a funny little guy. Oh, but it's a secret so don't tell anybody. Oh, and the dream girl thing? He learned it from the Naked Brothers Band.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Quinn person? Nobody takes my girl away without a fight!