Friday, December 2, 2011

Reminiscing Still

I had four completed puzzles on my island! Last night I cleaned them all up. One of them was kinda fun!
It was very stiff and all the pieces stuck together! I said to Quinn, "Here, hold my puzzle!" I think Maya thinks it's something to eat!

I am still thinking about my Thanksgiving break! Ahhhh, good times.

I got some oven bake clay, and Quinn and I set to work.
Quinn made the Angry Bird, Kirby, a coffee bean, and eyeball, and the gingerbread house with the cherry on top! I made the other gingerbread house.
I put Mr. Obama's ugly Christmas sweater on him. He's ready for the holidays!
I took pictures of the girls, and their cute reindeer friend.
I wore my Hello Kitty slippers!

Kevin and I went to China Chili for dinner one night. He had a very giant beer, and we sat next to a very fancy arrangement. We had food for several days afterward too!!

It was a great break. Two and a half weeks and I get another one!

I updated my classroom blog tonight. Check it out-go see what our elf is up to. The link is on my sidebar. Crossman Crew.

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