Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Allow Me to Bore You With Pictures of my Cute Dog

Oh this dog of ours. She's just so cute and lovable.
This was Monday night. The boys had just gotten back from the beach. Maya was happy to see them. She curled right up with Quinn and went to sleep.
Then this afternoon, sleeping next to me.
Then this evening while Quinn watched TV. How cute is that?
More TV time with Quinn. Yes, this little dog is a keeper.

Oh and this was my fortune today. At first I was a little concerned that there's less than a week left of this month, but then a friend told me that I have already overcome many obstacles this month. I hadn't really thought of that! I guess I have.

I dropped off the letter I wrote requesting testing for Riley, at his school. Riley also mentioned that he was pulled out of his 5th period class to discuss the bullying he's been experiencing from one student. I feel pretty confident that THAT boy will be leaving Riley alone from now on-he was pulled out of his 6th period class for a little "chat." I think even as he sat in the VP's office, Riley still didn't want to "tell" on the other boy.

Kevin and I watched the movie Temple Grandin tonight. What a great movie! Her mind is amazing.


Raquel Rivera Shank said...

Your boys and animals are darling! So glad to hear that the bully situation is being dealt with. Good luck with Riley's testing. He is lucky to have you as his mama.

Catie said...

AWWW! cute dog!