Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Around the House

This has been a week filled with phone calls. Still trying to figure out where we can take Riley for testing where A) insurance will cover the evaluation or B) the out of pocket isn't going to cost between $3500-$4800! I got ahold of Stanford's children's psychiatric department. There's a 9 month wait for testing. NINE months! I am waiting to hear back from them after contacting Riley's doctor for a referral. We figure we have a good chance of our insurance working there, as that's where we take Quinn for his endocrinologist appointments. I have also called the Children's Health Council, and I really like the guy I spoke with. Insurance does not cover that. In the meantime, Riley had a rough time at school on Wednesday. There's a kid from his 2nd period class (and he also had PE at the same time as Riley), who has been harassing him. Wednesday was particularly rough with led to both of us in tears, and 5 emails to school officials. I believe someone will talk to that boy now, and I believe we will get a meeting for support for Riley now. The school can do the testing for us. I figure if they are willing to sit down with us and figure out some solutions, then we can afford to wait for Stanford. We'll see what happens when I take our letter requesting services, on Tuesday. If this doesn't work, we are back to the drawing board. It's been rather frustrating. That's the biggest news around here. Here's a look at some random stuff...
I got this cupcake cookie jar for Valentine's Day from Kevin and the boys. I LOVE it!
Quinn and Maya having some bonding time.
My friend, Sheri, made this scarf for me! Isn't it cute??? It's very happy. I love it!
Maya, sleeping practically upside down.
I finally finished my puzzle. This one was quite challenging as the colors are very similar.
I started a new puzzle. This is the last of my "World's Smallest 1,000 Piece Puzzles."
I didn't leave the house today-neither did Maya. The boys are RV camping for the long weekend, with my parents. Kevin and I are here, just hanging about. We have some plans to see some movies.

I finished this book today. It was very good. Lots of similarities to things we deal with around here, but not as extreme. I'm now reading Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison (brother of Augusten Burroughs, author of Running With Scissors).

*If some of you are confused about this post, we are currently seeking testing for Riley, our oldest. He has been diagnosed by his therapist as PDD-NOS (an Autism Spectrum disorder), but he also fits criteria for Aspergers Syndrome. I had a post about it, but I removed it. Since getting this diagnosis, we have been working very hard to seek additional testing, so that we can get some help for him at school-mostly with social skills and the area of PE. He has always been a target for bullies, and we are dealing with one right now. Hopefully that situation has been resolved.

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