Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's all Random

Here's a bunch of random pictures from this week and last.
My mom and I walked around the lake at the park yesterday. It was beautiful out! Our spring-like weather has been tricking the plants. This cherry blossom tree is in full bloom! I think these trees are so pretty and happy.
We saw 7 turtles sunning themselves on logs. You can see three in this picture. I used my phone to take the picture, so it's not the best quality. Can you see that one turtle is resting on top of the other turtle? So cute.
I bought the new Quilts and More magazine. I want to make something with this owl pattern because it's super cute.
Riley likes to read the same books over and over and over. I got him these books at Half Priced Books on Thursday (when I took the day off work). Hopefully he'll read them.

Last weekend or so, we went out to Big 5 to get baseball gear for Quinn. They had these chairs. Ridiculous chairs, sitting outside the store. It took both boys quite awhile to get into it. Can you imagine lugging this this to your kid's sporting event? They are $100 too!!

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