Monday, February 28, 2011

A Cake and A Scouting Event

Last Friday was the Blue and Gold Dinner for Scouts. It was a potluck, and people were to bring cakes for the cake raffle.
We decided we wanted to make a giant Oreo cookie cake, so off I went to Williams-Sonoma, to get the coordinating "Cookie" pan. I bought the mix that goes with it too-or I tried to at least. They didn't charge me for the $20 mix! Anyway, I brought it all home, and on Thursday, Quinn and I made the cakes.
They were a big pain in the you-know-what to get out of the pans!! I coated the pans really well with PAM, and then I added flour (like the recipe said), but they still didn't want to come out, and when they finally did, you could see the damn flour in spots. Grrrrr. I sprinkled powdered sugar all over the top to try and hide the ugliness of it all. It still looks like an Oreo though.
The next day-the powdered sugar pretty much absorbed. It still looks kinda ugly. It tasted pretty good though-a little too sweet, but ok. OH, and how do we know how it tasted??? Oh well the boys could not LIVE without our own cake, so we paid another $20 to buy it back!!
There was a storyteller at the dinner. He told a story about the future look of a Cub Scout. This guy, a really big, tall guy, then pulled Quinn out to put this giant shirt on him. Quinn is the teeniest one there. The same thing happened last year as well. Quinn loved it, as you can tell.
Quinn's den did a skit. They all pretended to be asleep at camp. Quinn wakes up, crawls across all of the other boys to the last boy. He wakes that one up and says, "I have to wee." He's told to go back to sleep. Back across all the other boys. He does this a few more times...

On the last time he says, "But I really have to wee!" The kid says, "Go ahead then." Quinn stands up and says,"Weeeeeeee!" It was really very cute.

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Sheri said...

Next time try the "Pam with flour"...I have better luck with that "Pam". Remember life before Pam? Trying to grease the pans with Crisco?