Wednesday, February 9, 2011

French Fries

Riley had his regular appointment tonight with his counselor. Kevin and I went so that the three of us could explain to Riley what is going on. We were very broad about it, not using all of the titles. He's fine with it. He's ok proceeding with testing, and he doesn't feel badly about himself or the situation. It's funny, but in his mind, it's everyone else who has the problem. Not him. I emailed the school counselor today-letting her know what has transpired. I also dropped the name of the creep who continues to harass Riley. I will email some teachers about it tomorrow and get that taken care of for him. I'm so sick of mean kids.

We all met at Chili's tonight for dinner. Do you see what Quinn is eating? The pickiest eater around. He has french fries on his hamburger! Kevin eats lots of weird stuff on his hamburgers and sandwiches: french fries, potato salad! I was absolutely amazed that Quinn ate this! I have been amazed a lot this week.

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