Sunday, November 27, 2011


While the boys were at Disneyland, I used the quiet, empty house, to do some cleaning. I started in Riley's room. OH. MY. GOSH.
HUGE mess!! This boy does NOT believe in several things: garbage cans, a safe place to store his money, and the laundry room. I found so many candy wrappers, juice boxes and cans, and a whole, uneaten apple in his room! I also found TONS of dirty clothes (socks mostly) and $66 behind his bed!! In addition I found at least 5 DS games and ALL of the chip clips that I have been looking for! It was a big project, and my legs hurt for several days afterward!
BUT, it's clean!
Really clean, and vacuumed and dusted.
It looks so nice. It's even mostly still clean today! I did have to remind him to take the pile of clothing to the laundry room.
My next project was my side of our office. My craft desk had become a dumping ground for everything, and I had wanted to sort ALL of the boxes of craft items, and put like things together.
Success!! Everything is put away, and I know where it all is too!!

All of my boxes are sorted and organized!
Um, I think I have A LOT of beads.

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