Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday Boutique

I participated in the American High School Holiday Boutique yesterday. I did it last year as well, and it was rather lucrative, so I thought I would give it a try this year. Another lucrative show! PLUS my entry fee went to help the Seniors go to Disneyland this school year, for Grad Night! Winning!
My table display-half of it. In addition to the button bracelets and rings, I made earrings this year-they are posted on the bulletin board at the back of the table. I wish I had taken a better picture.
I also made glass tile pendants-and glass tile earrings!
Here's a closer look at the pendants.
I put all of my button rings into black sand, which I got a Michael's. I used rice last year, but I like the black sand, it sets off the colors. They look so cute and colorful.
Button bracelets. I sold 18 button bracelets, and an assortment of earrings and rings and glass pendants. I am trying to decide: save for Disney World or buy a custom Blythe?

More button bracelets.

It was a fun day. I got to see lots of people that I don't usually get to see, and lots of people that I always get to see. Again, winning!

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