Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have really enjoyed our extra long weekend around here! On Friday a friend and two of her colleagues came over to work with Riley a bit, and to help me figure out what kind of accommodations will benefit him at school. We got to have Chipotle for lunch too! Saturday both boys had Scouting for Food activities. I went to JoAnn Fabrics! Saturday evening we took the boys to the Tonga Room, in San Francisco, for our anniversary. Oh, did I forget to mention that Kevin and I had our 16th anniversary on Friday (11-11-11)? I honestly do not know where the time has gone. Today was a home day. I powered through my report cards, finished a puzzle, cleaned out my closet, prepared dinner for tomorrow night! Yes, it was an awesome weekend!
The Tonga Room is in the Fairmont Hotel.

We had drinks and an appetizer, since we arrived at 5 and dinner wasn't being served until 6. Quinn loves to have a Shirley Temple. Riley tried a Strawberry Daiquiri (virgin of course, he's 13!), Kevin had a Zombie and I had a Pina Colada.
The Stanford. They had really cool lights along the side of their hotel. They flashed and changed too.
After appetizers and drinks at Tonga Room, we walked DOWN hill to Lori's Diner. Quinn enjoyed his Oreo shake. The Fairmont is actually only 4 blocks away from Union Square-down hill, which of course means UP hill when we headed back to the car. Oh my it was hilly!
The tree was lit up in Union Square when we arrived, but it was not lit up when we left. We think that maybe the lights were being tested, because I think the city has some sort of tree lighting ceremony.
The boys, acting like statues. Weird statues, but statues nonetheless.
Macy's entrance is all lit up. The puppies and kittens are not in the windows yet. I'm sure that won't happen until after Thanksgiving.
Disney Store fancy TV trees. Can you see Sorcerer Mickey?

One window display at Anthropologie. They always have the most interesting window displays.
It appears that all of San Francisco is ready for the holiday season. These snowflake lights are all up and down Market Street. I think they are very festive.

Busy week ahead, lots of meetings, and I am starting my conferences at school. The good news is that I will have another extended vacation, next week! I need to finish cleaning out my room, and then tackle my area of our office. Plus I really want to sew!!!

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