Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Capitola

The boys spent some time at Disneyland this week. They left Monday morning, with my parents. I had conferences at school all day Monday, and then Tuesday morning. The boys were at Disneyland until Thanksgiving, when they made the 6 hour drive home. Kevin and I, and his parents, decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner in Capitola, by the beach! It seemed silly to make an entire turkey for just four of us, so we opted to eat out. We went to Shadowbrook in Capitola.
Check out the view from Shadowbrook!
We parked at the top of the hill, and then made our way down a bunch of stairs, to the restaurant. We decided to take the little tram UP the hill after dinner.
The view up the tram tracks!
Look at how peaceful the water is!
Here's the restaurant from outside, in their little courtyard by the water.
After dinner we drove down to the little downtown in Capitola, and walked to the wharf. We walked past these cute condos on our way. I totally want to stay in one of these!
Aren't they cute? The ones at the front, facing the ocean, are all bright colors. Super cute!
See? I love this green one! It's two stories even! Although, they might not be connected. They might be individual units.
It was overcast, threatening rain, on Thanksgiving, but we walked onto the wharf anyway.
The views are still pretty spectacular.

We made a new friend. This pelican wanted the fish that people were catching. He was even trying to bite at people as they walked past him. Kevin got a little bit, teasing him. That's what he gets! To see the rest of my pictures, click HERE.

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