Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuff From Around

It's been busy around here, so here's a look at some stuff going on...
As you can tell by the large amount of paper, Quinn's been drawing a TON of pictures! He absolutely loves it!
Pokemon. Cute.
This is Quinn in Lion King version. Quinn is obsessed with Lion King. Just obsessed.
How adorable is this panda? I need to get Quinn into some drawing classes. We totally want to nurture his drawing skills-future animator? Pixar employee? Game designer? Lots of possibilities.
I made a sock owl, using THIS tutorial. Super easy. If the pictures in the tutorial are tiny (it looks like a long strand of pictures), click on them and they get bigger.
This owl bank was my anniversary gift. He's cute huh? I like owls.
Disney came out with smelly Vinylmation. I got all 4!! The gingerbread one is the best, followed by marshmallow. Yummy!
At the mall last week or so: cool lights hanging in a store window.

Run girls! Run to Target and get your Justin Bieber wrapping paper! As my friend said, "It's good for Father's Day too!" LMAO.

Now you are all caught up!

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