Friday, June 27, 2008

Niagara Falls

We made it to Niagara Falls.  What a boring trip from Michigan, through Canada, to Niagara.  I'm sorry if you live on a farm, but I am sick of seeing farms.  They look the same, even in Canada.  We did enjoy seeing the fifty billion Tim Horton's along the way though.  That's a chain of donut/coffee shops in Canada and on the East Coast.  They are as frequent as Starbucks.  Hey, where were those Starbucks?  
Here's a picture of "Horseshoe Falls" on the Canada side.  See the little boat?  That's the Maid of the Mist.  We took a tour.  It was really wet, but pretty cool.  They sit the boat in the middle of the whirlpool for awhile.  Up on top, it's like it is raining in all directions.  We mostly stayed on the bottom, cozy in our rain ponchos.
We stayed in Clifton Hill.  It looks a lot like Vegas.  See?  There are casinos, haunted house places, wax museums, restaurants, mini golf places, shops, etc.
Our hotel was right behind this big ferris wheel.  and to the right, out of the picture?  You guessed it, a Tim Horton's!
We checked out the "Movieland" wax museum,  just past the "Midway."  The boys were intrigued by the Indiana Jones and Captain Jack sculptures in the front of the attraction.

We ate lunch at the top of the Skylon Tower.  Aren't these boys cute?  That's Horseshoe Falls in the background.  We do have pictures of the American Falls, but I didn't post them.  Kevin's flickr site may have some pictures of that one.  Picture a water fall, but fat.

We decided to skip Toronto to give us more time in Pennsylvania.  We wanted to make sure to make it to the Crayola Factory.  It's a good thing we decided to leave as once we hit Pennsylvania, it was non-stop road work, and our plan was to go straight there, before closing. How many times were they working on the roads?  Um.  Once.  How many miles ahead of the work do they start warning you?  About 5 miles.  When do people start to merge right (when the left lane is "closed ahead")?  Immediately.  They don't know how to merge.  

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