Sunday, June 29, 2008

Phil-a-delphia Freedom shine on me, I love ya...

We went to Philadelphia today.  We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and learned a lot of history!  We saw the first post office, the house of Betsy Ross, the remains of Ben Franklin's house, and lots of cobblestone and Belgium brick (we also learned the difference).
Here are the boys with the Liberty Bell.  I wish those strangers weren't in the picture, but I have no control over other tourists. That's Independence Hall in the background.
We rode "the duck."  These are fun tours.  We have done them in Seattle and San Francisco.  They are World War II vehicles.  They can go on land and in the water.  We traveled down the Delaware River. That's New Jersey in the background.  We were in NJ last night (we saw Wall E. there) and today (but that was an accident).
Ready for battle.  We are going home with the hat.
Recognize these steps?  These are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, or more commonly known as the "Rocky" steps.  Yo! Adrienne!  Those are our champions-they are more lovers than fighters.

Top of the "Rocky" steps with Philadelphia in the background.  We also saw the statue of Rocky. We had the boys pose in front of him.  Guess what they were doing?  Yes, this.

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