Monday, June 9, 2008

Suddenly, I have so much free time!

Baseball is over for another season.  Today, I did not have to rush to pick anyone up, rush to get them dressed for a game or practice, rush to take them to said game or practice, and I got my work done at school.  Yippeee!  I didn't know quite what to do, so I cooked a decent meal.  Scallops with red, yellow and green peppers and pine nuts, and meatballs for the kiddies.  Oh yeah, and I also joined twitter.  I had been thinking about it, and Candie from The Savvy Crafter, had a posting on her blog about it, so I am following (or stalking?) her, and joined myself up in the process.  You should come and follow me.  I think you just need to search for juliebeane.

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