Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Royals Beat the A's for the 2008 Championship!

Here's the final score. It was 5-1 until the last inning. The Royals made the first out easily. The A's rallied and got their bases loaded. Someone came up and hit a double, bringing in 2 more runs. The score was then, 3-5.  The parents were nervous. We knew this was it. The Royals needed to hold them, or they would lose. The Royals got another out, and then it was down to the last out.  More nervous parents.  One of the best hitters from the A's is up.  He hits a ball, high, toward center field.  It was caught!  The crowd goes wild!  The Royals win the game!  It was awesome.
One happy Royal.
Riley getting his medal.

The 2008 Champs!


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