Tuesday, June 24, 2008

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore.  We were here at 8:30 am.  We wandered around, the boys went on the trail, I explored the gift shop, and we watched a movie about the plants and animals in the area.
After Mount Rushmore, we went to Bear Country USA.  Very cool.  We drove through and saw sheep, goats, elk, donkeys, oh and bears!  They were just outside our car.  Really cool.
Here's the sign.  This area was called "Babyland."  They had the cutest baby bear cubs.  They also had grizzly bears that would stand up or pose for food.  
I am a murderer-of bugs.  These are the bugs killed so far.  They were so bad, we went through a car wash to get rid of them.

This really isn't worth a mention, but it's here, so I'll tell you about it.  We went to Deadwood in South Dakota.  They have this little western town and they advertised (all over the place) about this "Shootout."  We hung around for over an hour to watch the show.  We grabbed our piece of sidewalk, and settled in.  The entire show lasted about 5 min.  It was lame.  We went back to Rapid City and walked around the downtown area where they have statues of the presidents.  

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fren_ace said...

wow!! i want to visit this place !