Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Canada!

Here are some random pictures from Niagara Falls.
Here's the famous Tim Hortons.  We did have some donuts.  They were OK.
Quinn and Riley skipped rocks in Lake Ontario.  Quinn's holding a bottlecap he found for his "collection."  We stopped by the shore after we drove out to Niagara On-the-Lake.  It's a cute little city, with quaint little shops and restaurants, and really nice houses.  There are lots of wineries in the area.
The high-light of Quinn's trip.  Swimming in the hotel pool.  That's pure joy on his face.
Both boys really liked the big dragon slide in the big pool, and Quinn liked the little one in the toddler pool.

Horseshoe Falls at night.  I think it gets lit up more than this, but we were impatient.

Currently, we are in Pennsylvania, just outside Scranton.  We stopped at the Steamtown Mall in Scranton.  Kevin took pictures of "The Office" signs etc. at the mall.  Scranton is the setting for the show, "The Office."  I do not have anything to say about Scranton.  Nope.
We are off to Easton, Penn. tomorrow.  We will visit the Crayola Factory, and wander around the downtown area.  We'll go to Philadelphia on Sunday, and then on to Hershey on Monday.

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