Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Smell Better Now

I am a victim of advertising. In the mail last week, I got a mailer from Macy's. Inside that mailer? A little paper sample of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. I could not resist the cute bottles! The bonus was that I liked the perfume as well. There are 5 bottles (or 5 heads of solid perfume) available. I liked two of them, "G" and "Love." I purchased "G."

The box.

Look at how cute that bottle is!! It reminds me of Japanese kokeshi dolls-except for the arms, oh, and also of Alice in Wonderland (another thing I'm fascinated with). The fragrance is very summery, very coconut. Quinn thinks it smells like the air freshener in my friend's car. It kinda does, but I like it.

Here's my cute bottle with my kokeshi doll. This kokeshi is of me as a toddler. We lived in Japan when I was little-my dad was in the Navy.

This picture is just random. It's of the boys tuned in to the debut of The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network on Friday. They got to stay up late to watch it-I got to watch too! They loved it and can't wait until THIS Friday.

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