Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Land-The Orangiest Place on Earth

We headed out to Livermore today, to visit Joan's Farm. Our local farm is taking a break from pumpkins this year, so we were forced to find another pumpkin patch to purchase our pumpkins. We googled "bay area pumpkin patches," and Joan's Farm in Livermore, came up. It was very nice-crowded, but nice. In addition to pumpkins, they have a little "ghost town," an area where you can feed goats and even some donkeys, lots of fake figures and those wood picture places where you put your head in the hole. There were mazes, and even a museum and a little gift shop.

Here's all 3 boys sitting on tractor seats for a photo. I think Quinn is driving. He's always doing something in our pictures.

The view of the pumpkin patch-from one direction.

Quinn and a little pumpkin which was "so cute." We didn't get this one-lots of trades until we settled on our final pumpkins.

How "corny" is this? It's Rileycorn!
Here are the boys with their pumpkins, just outside the entrance. They had a lot of fun. I think we may go back next year, even if our local patch has pumpkins.

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