Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pumpkins All Around

I have a pumpkin collection. I'm not sure when I started collecting, but I have well over a hundred of them. I just love them! Every year, I search for more. It's kinda getting silly, but I can't stop. I love them so.

See that Mickey pumpkin? Cute huh? I bought him at Disneyland. I left him out long after Halloween that year because I wasn't finished looking at him.

This is the right side of my fireplace mantel. They are mostly wood or metal or ceramic.

The top of my fireplace mantel. This is where I put my most favorite pumpkins.

This is the left side of my fireplace. It has all of my soft pumpkins. I should try to make one myself. Couldn't be that hard, they're just round (and orange).

See these three? They are my most favorite pumpkins! I just love them. They are stripey and sparkly and happy. I'm happy too.

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