Wednesday, December 10, 2008

25 Things-Day 10

Santa pictures!!  Who does not love Santa pictures?  The Santa at our lousy mall is the best thing about the mall.  He's very authentic.  We went Tuesday after school for our pictures, and Santa was in really great spirits-promising to bring the boy any colored "weed" they wanted.  They needed to clarify that they want a Nintendo Wii, not a weed.  He understood and said he would do what he could.  Here's hoping! By the way, there's no crowd on a Tuesday afternoon. On a weekend, you just can't get near Santa, and I do believe his spirits may not be all that festive after a crazy, crowded weekend.  

Say it with me....Awwwww!  Oh, and I did not make my 10 year old sit with Santa, he wanted to, and as long as he's willing to sit, I'm willing to buy the pictures.

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