Thursday, December 11, 2008

25 Things-Day 11

I love Christmas crafting!  I have several projects going right now that I can't show you...yet.  I CAN show you these though!
Plain little cardboard houses-err, churches.
A closer look.
They ended up like this!  Cute?  I really liked the way they turned out, all glittered up.  They make a glitter mess, but hey, I like glitter (sorry mom), and I have a Dustbuster, so I'm good.

Closer look.  I participated in a swap at Say it With Letters.  These little houses were my contribution.  I have received 3 of 4 ornaments back, and I'll post those pictures once I get the last one.  The ones I have gotten are pretty cute though.


SweetBellaBug said...

how adorable!!! I just love them! What kind of glitter did you use? It really sparkles!

marie said...

Hi Julie,
I love your sparkly little buildings!! They are just perfect!!

I am Julie said...

Thanks to you both! In answer to your question, I started to use the big bottle of (quite expensive for glitter) Martha Stewart mica glitter, but the flakes were too big. I ended up using just the cheap, platic stuff. It worked well.

deb said...

Julie, those are just darling. I love your blog!