Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things I Love-Day 13

This here is my favorite accessory for Christmas!  It's my advent calendar.  The red cabinet was a Christmas gift to me from my in-laws.  I used to fill it with chocolate, or the pieces from our Lego advent calendar, but I have since moved on.  I bought a small box of vintage Christmas ball ornaments-really small ones, and a small tree.  I put 24 ornaments into the cabinet (you know, one for every day), and behind door 25 you ask?  Well, that's the star for the top of the tree.  I love it, and Riley loves to decorate the little tree with the ornaments.
Day 13!  12 days to go-The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The boys have their own advent calendar.  This one is Playmobil.  It's a pirate set.  Every morning, Riley gets up and adds to the display.  Then he sets out the next days box, and I don't think he even peeks at the next day's treasure.  He's so organized.  

Here's a closer look.  The pirate is sleeping.  Such a great pirate camp!

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