Tuesday, December 16, 2008

25 Things-Day 16

Anticipation.  This time of year is full of anticipation.  The boys are anticipating, whether or not they will get a wii.  Kevin is anticipating if he will be disappointed in the Disney Christmas Day Parade, again this year.  I am anticipating my beautiful green ipod.  There's anticipation all around.  Will people like the presents you so painstakingly chose for them?  Will the weather hold out?  Yes, indeep lots of anticipation.  I actually feel like I was double dipping in anticipation.  For many weeks now I have anticipated this...
There it is, with much anticipation.  My very own copy of the Mamma Mia movie!  It was quite the drama to get it.  I had to go to 2 Targets (they had a special edition I wanted.)  The first Target was completely sold out of the special edition.  Grrrrr.  That meant I had to go to the hated mall Target, with too many Christmas shoppers.  I was feeling very nervous as I waited for what seemed like 20,000 people to get on the escalator (two story Target) to get downstairs.  I get on behind these two slow women-imagine all they wanted to do was talk! The nerve! So I had to, ever so patiently, wait for them to vacate the escalator.  I could see the movie from the escalator-one last copy of the special edition. My stomach was rumbling in-you guessed it, anticipation.  All of a sudden one of the chatty women says, "Oh, that's right Mamma Mia is out today!"  Apparently, she could see it too.  Inside I am screaming.  I'm thinking to myself, "OK, I can take these women.  I am not leaving here without my special edition. I'll run and beat them to it!"  Lucky for me, they went right, and I went left, straight to the rack where I proudly grabbed my very own personal copy of Mamma Mia The Movie.  The End.

Oh yes, anticipation is so sweet.

Thumbs up for my Mamma Mia movie!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I loved that movie.. I anticipate that might get it for Cmas :) hee hee..