Friday, December 19, 2008

25 Things-Day 19

Most of you may already know that I am a teacher by day.  I teach 2nd grade.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is this special art project.
I can't take credit for this.  I "borrowed"-teacher language for stole- this project from the teachers next door to me.  It's really beautiful, and the parents love it.  
This student colored theirs very nicely. Click on the picture for a closer look.  It's super sparkly!

Look at that!  This project is made with a clear overhead transparency, permanent pens for coloring, a pattern underneath to trace and color, and the magic...tin foil.  That's what gives it the sparkly appearance.  I so love this project, so thanks Kay and Jane! Oh and special thanks to my awesome parent, Sheri, who traced and cut out all of the circle frames for me-saving the circles for another project!  She's so awesome, and she even reads my blog!


mesogoofy2 said...

That is such a cute project! So you just color the transparancy with colored sharpies? The tinfoil is just plain underneath? I'm thinking this would be a cute project on xmas day while the kids are waiting til dinner is ready...can you email me back with a little bit more info on this project? Thanks girly!

Gramma Bonnie said...

Hey Julie..I stole this from you ...our class did this too..but I only have the tree and wreath..I need the flower for next year...the kids loved it and it kept them busy for several days...

mesogoofy2 said...

hey Julie,
This project was a big hit at my sister's house for our Christmas day Project. We had so much fun making these!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to put ours in picture frames to display at Christmas time!!!! Even Christian had fun making them and wants to make another and he's a teenager! The adults liked doing it as much as the kids!!! LOL!