Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

I went back to work yesterday, officially. I was in my classroom for a few hours on Wednesday, but yesterday, I HAD to be there. I am mostly ready to go. I just need to make final preparations in my classroom, do some planning, oh yeah, and have some students show up on Wednesday!
These are the supplies that I used to create my new classroom discipline chart.
I cut the paper, and used Mod Podge to glue it to my extra long clipboard. It was all kinds of curly and stuff, so I had to be really patient, and coat it lots of time, to get it all to lay flat.
The finished product. Green is where the kids want to stay. Green means they have had a peachy keen, swell day. As the day goes along, and I have to talk to any of them about any issues, they will move their clothespin down, a color at a time. Red is the final straw, deep doo-doo. I will use this and stickers and our class money system to reward good behavior.

Now that I have my ducks all in a row, I am ready to rock and roll!

I am trying something new this year, and have just created a blog for the happenings in my classroom, which I hope that my students and their parents will visit. The kids don't come until Wednesday, but I have already posted on it, and had some people test the comment moderation for me, thanks to Facebook! Click HERE to view it.

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