Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Saturday, Riley, Kevin and I got up really early and headed out to get Quinn from Scout Camp.
Camp Royaneh, near Guerneville is where he spent almost a week.
He had a GREAT time. When we got there, his leader told us he was spending the last of his money in the Trading Post. We caught up with him, running down the hill with this rabbit fur-which he purchased with the rest of his money. He's quite proud of that rabbit fur too.
Riley had camped at Royaneh before (it's owned by the Boy Scouts of America).
On the way home, we stopped off in Petaluma and had lunch. Can you see the "Mighty Quinn" sign behind Quinn?
I think it's a bar. We didn't eat there.
The downtown area of Petaluma is pretty cool. Really cool old buildings.
The sign says "Eat This" so we did. We ate at Zazzle. It was really good too! Quinn is pretending to eat the sign, because he said that's what the sign said.
Another cool building.
The back side of that building.

Pretty church back there!

Quinn had a great time camping, and is happy to be home. He seems to have a little cold, which is fine. Two weeks ago, when my friend's son went to the same camp, a whole lot of boys got sick. The camp had to clean and disinfect the entire camp. One boy from Quinn's troop went home sick with the flu on Thursday, but so far (fingers crossed) Quinn is just fighting a cold.

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