Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have been a bad blogger. I've had stuff on my mind.
I took the boys school clothes shopping last week. They got shoes, some shirts and shorts. It was pretty painless.
These are Quinn's shoes. My mother can appreciate the day-glo color on them. I must have left for school in colors like this, a LOT during my high school days.
I am going to make a mini quilt, using these fabrics. I am running out of summer to do it though.
I went to the Fremont Festival of the Arts over the weekend. I purchased this oilcloth messenger bag. I love it. The colors are amazing.

I made this bracelet this week too.

Quinn has been at Scout Camp since early Monday morning. Kevin went with him, but he came home yesterday, and Quinn comes home on Saturday. Quinn was having a great time. I am anxious for him to get home though. I miss having him around. It's really quiet around here. I think Riley misses him too, for the same reason.

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