Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back into School Mode

We went from happy vacation days back into school mode. Actually the transition has been pretty easy-other than the damn traffic in the mornings! The high school pushed back their start time, so now they start only 10 minutes before the jr. high, thus creating HORRIBLE traffic in the mornings! My 3 minute commute was almost 15 minutes yesterday!! It's very annoying.
Riley is taking Beginning Band as his elective this year-it's a year long elective. He is going to play clarinet. We went to the music store tonight to get a beginning clarinet book and extra reeds.
While Riley was at Scouts last night, Quinn and I busied ourselves while we waited for him. I corrected class work, and Quinn played on my phone. Isn't this a charming picture? He made this using the app, Kitty Carnage.
Over the weekend we went to the Alameda Antique Fair. I saw this sign. I LOVE this sign. I must have this sign. It's from Beachcomber Studio, and they have an Etsy shop, HERE. It appears to be empty right now, but when they open back up, I will look into ordering that sign. I should have purchased it Sunday. Silly me.

Here are my treasures from Sunday. The big owl is a vintage hairspray cover. There are two little ceramic owls, a red threadless spool, and a big fat jar.

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