Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cub Scout Games

We spent part of our Saturday at the park, for the big Scouting event. There were Cub Scout games, and the Boy Scouts were there as well, Dragon Boat Racing. Riley actually spent the night at the park Friday night.

We took Quinn to the Cub Scout games.
There were 8 games total, and Quinn played all of them. He had to throw a frisbee and hit the orange cone, or make the frisbee land in the hoop under the cone. He was successful 3 out of 6 of his throws!
Filling up his game card.
He had to use 3 hula hoops, throwing one at a time, and jumping into the one he threw, to get to the other side. Then he had to jump into all 3 (where they landed) to get back to the start.
Last hoop. He's quite a good jumper!
This one was hard. They had to work together, lifting the correct leg and the ski to be able to move. Right, left, right, left.
This was a stumper for a lot of boys, but Quinn's "team" was successful.

Beautiful view of Mission Peak, from the park. Quinn played all 8 games and earned a patch, plus a dragon tattoo!

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