Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dragon Boat Racing

Riley spent the night at the park Friday night. It was part of a big Scouting event. The Boy Scouts got to sleep in the park Friday night, and then participate in Dragon Boat Racing on Saturday morning. The Cub Scouts showed up Saturday morning for the Cub Scout Games.
It was tent city Friday night-Saturday afternoon. LOTS of Boy Scout troops stayed the night at the park.
Dragon Boat!
There goes Riley! Heading to the Dragon Boat with his troop and another troop.
The boats were provided by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of SF.
All aboard! Riley, looking happy to be one of many, in charge of paddling.
Away they go!
Riley was in the blue boat, and they raced the green boat. The green boat won, but everyone had a great time.

The girl at the front of the blue boat was the drummer. She helped them keep time, and provided a really cool effect!

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