Thursday, September 1, 2011

I think I am going to love my class! It's such a different environment from last year's class. Sure I have some kids who will need redirections, but today I had a lot of success with a sticker chart, and verbal praise! Tomorrow the kids will make sticker books. Little kids will do just about anything for a sticker, and I've got LOTS of stickers. I have one student who has had serious behavior issues in the past (spent most of K and 1st grade in the office). Today, I must have thrown a jillion stickers at him (ok, 3-tiny ones too), and he worked quietly all day: on task, not rolling his eyes, not out of his seat, real work, real concentration. At one point, I went to check in with him and he told me I was the best teacher he ever had! (Oh my heart!) I plan on using that to help him stay on track. Best teacher today, and yesterday one of my students told her mom that her first day was better than chocolate! It is definitely humbling, and I feel the power I have to help kids succeed. I think I can be the teacher I want to be this year!! Yay!
First thing this morning, a former student (now a 5th grader), stopped by to bring me these Goofy Sours! Every year when they go to Disneyland, she brings me back Goofy Sours. Isn't that sweet? I love that family, and not just because they bring me Goofy Sours, but because they are involved in their child's life, and work really hard to help her succeed. Plus they are super nice too.

I got a new student today, at Target (DENIM, Shaun White hoodies and DENIM). Do you know who he is? The kids are going to flip when I bring him in tomorrow. If he goes over well, I may have to get the bigger version! I should get the other one in this size, and make these my Hall Passes!

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I'm so happy for you !! I hope you have a great year!!